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Spain has many regions and they are all very unique, as much for the diversity of their landscapes and their rich heritage, as for their traditions and sometimes even a particular language, like in Catalonia. Enjoy Barcelona and Madrid, cities of great richness and culture, as well as lively neighborhoods. Without any risk, head to the beautiful hinterland and let extraordinary hikes take you to breathtaking viewpoints. And don’t miss the cities and villages of Andalusia.

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Five ideas for a guided visit in Spain

  • Playa del Silencio

    Situated in Asturias, a region in northwest Spain, Playa del Silencio is the most beautiful beach in the country, a combination of peacefulness and crystal clear waters. To get there, make a stop at the village of Castañares, then continue by foot to the coast of Cudiller. The walk along the cliffs is magnificent. You can also reach it by a one-way road west of Novellana. Stop at the (usually full) car park, and cross the eucalyptus forest to take the path. When you arrive at the beach, enjoy the tranquility of the place and harmonic colors created by the edges of cliffs falling into the sea.

  • El Caminito del Rey

    Dizzying paths of Caminito del Rey, situated close to Malaga, will allow you to discover the most wonderful gorges of Spain. The path was built from 1901 to 1905, for the needs of a hydroelectric dam on the Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls. You will take a walk at a height of over 100 m, on footbridges constructed on slopes and cliffs. The path is 1 km long and 1 m wide. The Guadalhorce River flows through the gorge and the whole route offers incredible views and landscapes, where you can run into wild animals such as foxes, dormice or ibexes.

  • The nature reserve El torcal de Antequera

    This nature reserve, situated 45 km north of Malaga, is one of the most beautiful reserves in the country. There are so many amazing landscapes to see in the area of 1171 hectares. One entire area of the reserve consists of chalky rocks in futuristic forms, which look like a science-fiction movie scenery. Throughout the whole reserve, lush tropical vegetation shows up in many hikes. The yellow path, the longest one, takes you to ‘’Torcal Bajo’’ where you can find labyrinths and narrow pathways with rocks in strange shapes. If you look up, you will be able to see rare species of birds of prey, such as golden eagles and griffon vultures.

  • Salamanca

    The city of Salamanca, located in the Castilla region, has the oldest university in Spain. Don’t forget to visit it and contemplate its magnificent library. There are historical remains of great beauty everywhere in the city. It’s an outstandingly young and festive place. Starting from the historical center Plaza de Mayor and its city hall, impressive monuments and museums come one after another. One example is the wonderful Castle of Barbentane, House of Knights, Tower Anglica and ramparts gates.

  • Ronda

    Built in a rock, the beautiful village of Ronda, located at 100 km from Malaga, provides splendid panoramic views of valleys. You can start the tour with the Spain’s oldest arena built in 1785. From there, head to the Mirador de Ronda which runs alongside cliffs. By Plaza Espana, you will reach Puente Nuevo, tourists’ favorite place, which hops over the valley to connect the old and the new city, once separated by El Tajo Valley and Guadalevin River. This spectacular bridge stands almost 100 m high.

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