Take a trip to Africa

Too often forgotten by tourists, Africa is nevertheless one of the richest continents in terms of landscapes and discoveries.
This continent is often imagined as a vast expanse of arid and unwelcoming land, but the opposite is true.
In the North, you can opt for an exceptional stay with a soothing and idyllic holiday in Marrakech or Agadir in Morocco.
If you have never seen deserts, this is the opportunity to discover the famous Sahara where and the coastal Namib desert. In the south of Namibia, you will be amazed by this ghostly village, mostly buried under the sand, called Kolmanskop.
A trip to Africa is also an opportunity to make a child's dream come true: Going on a safari !
You will then be able to admire the famous Big Five , these large mammals (Lion, Rhinoceros, Bufle, Elephant and Leopard) in their natural element and create unforgettable memories.
This vast territory is waiting for you. All you have to do now is choose among all the destinations to start the adventure!

Country: Africa

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