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Whether you're drawn to explore bustling cities, relax on beautiful beaches or immerse yourself in unspoilt nature, this enchanting country offers a wealth of opportunities to explore.
Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Uruguay's capital, Montevideo, where ancient and modern meet in harmony. If you're looking for a seaside getaway, don't miss Uruguay's magnificent beaches. Punta del Este, often dubbed the "Saint-Tropez of South America", offers fine sandy beaches bordered by crystal-clear waters. For a more tranquil experience, head to the picturesque seaside town of José Ignacio, where you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere. For nature lovers, Uruguay is full of treasures to discover. Santa Teresa Park, with its vast expanses of lush green forest and unspoilt beaches, offers an idyllic getaway for hikers and camping enthusiasts. If you're a wildlife enthusiast, don't miss the opportunity to observe whales in their natural habitat off the Uruguayan coast.


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Five ideas for guided tours in Uruguay


  • Montevideo

    Nestled on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, Uruguay’s capital awaits you with its cobbled streets, lively squares and bohemian ambience. Discover the historic old town, known as Ciudad Vieja, where majestic colonial buildings stand proudly alongside avant-garde art galleries and trendy cafés.
    Start your exploration with a stroll through the famous Plaza Independencia, home to the impressive mausoleum of national hero José Artigas. Take in the lively atmosphere of Calle Sarandí, a pedestrian thoroughfare lined with boutiques, restaurants and bars. Continue on to the magnificent La Rambla promenade, which runs along the coast, offering views of the Atlantic Ocean.
    History buffs will be fascinated by the superb Palacio Salvo, an imposing Art Deco building that dominates the Montevideo skyline. And don’t miss the majestic Teatro Solís, a historic theater where you can attend opera, ballet and concert performances. If you’re looking for cultural immersion, head to the Mercado del Puerto. Here, you can enjoy succulent grilled meats, accompanied by a glass of mate, a traditional Uruguayan infusion. Stop off in the Pocitos district, renowned for its picturesque beaches, trendy boutiques and lively nightlife.

  • Tacuarembó

    Located in the heart of the country’s vast interior plains, this destination offers total immersion in Uruguay’s fascinating gaucha culture and history.
    Start your adventure by exploring the town of Tacuarembó, where the story of famous Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti comes to life. Visit the Museo del Indio y del Gaucho to discover the cultural heritage of Uruguay’s iconic cowboys. Next, head to the Casa Museo Carlos Gardel, the home where the legendary tango singer lived. Continue your journey to discover the vast expanses of the countryside. Estancias, large rural properties, offer a complete immersion in gaucho life. Visit Estancia Santa Elena, a traditional estancia offering horseback rides, lasso demonstrations and tastings of delicious local specialties.
    A few kilometers from Tacuarembó lies the charming village of San Gregorio de Polanco. Below the shores of Lake Rincón del Bonete, it’s renowned for its spectacular scenery and outdoor activities. And don’t miss a visit to the Galería de Arte Anhelo, a contemporary art space exhibiting works by local and international artists.
    For nature lovers, the Parque Nacional de Quebrada de los Cuervos is a natural gem not to be missed. With its deep ravines, waterfalls and lush vegetation, this park offers picturesque hiking trails and breathtaking panoramas. Let yourself be enchanted by the tranquility of nature and observe the region’s unique flora and fauna.

  • Lunarejo Valley

    Discover the unspoilt beauty of the Lunarejo Valley , a true natural paradise located in the department of Rivera. This enchanting valley is a true haven of peace, offering breathtaking scenery, remarkable biodiversity and an unforgettable nature getaway.
    Start your exploration with a visit to Laguna del Cisne, a magnificent lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation. Here you can observe many species of birds, including the black-necked swans that give the place its name. Take a kayak or canoe trip to explore the lagoon’s calm waters and soak up the tranquil surroundings.
    When visiting the Lunarejo Valley, don’t miss the charming nearby town of Tranqueras. Stroll through its picturesque streets, visit the local museum to learn more about the region’s history, and sample the delights of traditional Uruguayan cuisine in the local restaurants.

  • Punta del Diablo

    Discover the magic of Punta del Diablo, a hidden gem that transports you to a world of pristine beaches, panoramic views and an enchanting bohemian atmosphere. This small fishing village, located in the department of Rocha, is an ideal place to relax, recharge and reconnect with nature.
    Start your exploration at Playa de los Pescadores, a picturesque beach lined with colorful fishermen’s huts. Enjoy the gentle sound of the waves. If you’re a surfing enthusiast, don’t miss Playa de la Viuda, a spot renowned for its spectacular waves that will delight surfers of all levels. Continue your adventure with a visit to nearby Parque Santa Teresa. This national park offers an exceptional natural experience, with its vast expanses of dunes, dense forests and hiking trails. Don’t miss Fort Santa Teresa, a historic fortress overlooking the ocean and offering breathtaking panoramic views.

  • Cabo Polonio

    Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Cabo Polonio. This small coastal village is untouched by urban development and modern civilization. Discover breathtaking scenery, secluded beaches and a unique bohemian atmosphere. Start your exploration with a stroll along Playa de Cabo Polonio, a stretch of golden sand bordered by majestic dunes. You can also spot sea lions basking on the rocks, adding a touch of wilderness to the experience. Continue your adventure with a visit to the Faro de Cabo Polonio, the region’s iconic lighthouse. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the coast and surrounding area. The lighthouse’s mystical atmosphere adds a touch of magic to this unique experience. For an authentic experience, discover the bohemian community of Cabo Polonio. Stroll through the narrow, colorful streets, and stop in the artisanal stores to find unique treasures. Picturesque cafés and fresh seafood restaurants invite you to sample local specialties, while soaking up the village’s relaxed atmosphere.

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