North America

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Who has never dreamed of riding along the Route 66 on a beautiful Harley Davidson or to retrace the history of the most famous Hollywood stars during a visit on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles?
The American dream is still alive today.
The United States is indeed a fascinating country. You can find yourself almost alone in the world facing large expanses of land in the Californian parks and then, a few days later be caught up in the excitement of huge metropolises like New York or Chicago.
But the continent is not only about the USA. How about a trip to Canada?
Here again, breathtaking landscapes and a complete change of scenery await you.
If you're the kind of person who loves adventure, wide open spaces and nature as far as the eye can see, then this gigantic country is for you.
It stretches over 6000 km, from the East with our "cousins" in Quebec to the Pacific coast and Vancouver.
Whatever your destination, you won't be disappointed!
North America generally puts everyone in agreement thanks to the wide variety of activities it offers.

Country: North America

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