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Situated between Europe and Asia, this is a country whose Slavic soul shines through in all aspects of its culture and way of life. There is absolutely no need to be afraid of the recent events that have shaken Ukraine, and tourists do not run any risk, especially if you travel to the west or north, near the big cities of Odessa, Lviv and of course in its capital Kiev. To discover wilder regions, opt for the magnificent Carpathian mountains with their ski resorts, or explore the immense plains along the Dnieper River in the center of the country. This state, which used to be called "the breadbasket of the USSR", offers a thousand-colored blossoms in spring, with fields of sunflowers, poppy flowers and mustard blooming as far as the eye can see.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Ukraine

  • Lviv

    Only 70 kilometers from the Polish border, the city of Lviv (or Lvov) is considered the privileged heart of Ukraine. The historical center boasts a very diverse heritage, as you will see when you walk through , Rynok Square. There are 44 houses, each with its own identity and references to the Baroque, Renaissance and Empire periods. Lviv has many churches, including the Assumption Church with its 65 meter high tower. But, more than anything, you will love to walk through the tangle of its cobbled streets, which gives it a very charming atmosphere. An idea for an atypical guided tour would be to walk through the underground labyrinths and learn about the history of its catacombs. For some peace and quiet, go to the Vysoky Zamok hill and admire the beautiful view of the whole city.

  • Kolomya

    Kolomya is located in the middle of a plain, right next to the Carpathian Mountains and on the banks of the Prut River. The city center is very pleasant, with its Austro-Hungarian style made of stylized houses with delicate architecture. You can discover 2 very interesting museums:
    – The Pysanky museum, where you can admire on two floors the famous Ukrainian painted Easter eggs, beautifully carved.
    – The museum of Hutsul folklore, which presents, through everyday objects as well as works of art and music, the history of the people of the region, very attached to their traditions.
    The city is also a place of departure, both for the nearby ski resorts during the winter vacations, and in summer to start hiking in the wooded hills.

  • Odessa

    Located on the Black Sea, Odessa was built as a huge port in 1794 by Empress Catherine II who saw its potential and wanted to make it a very important economic center of the Western world. Over the centuries, it became a port of refuge for all kinds of people fleeing misery, war or discrimination. The names of the streets are there to remind us of this with the streets of the Albanians, the Greeks, the Jews and even the boulevard of the French. That’s why it was given the nice nickname of Odessa-Mama. Visiting the city is a real pleasure, and wandering along its wide tree-lined boulevards and observing the beautiful pastel, blue or yellow houses will delight all travelers. Tourists usually head first to Primorsky Boulevard, which is pedestrianized and stretches from Dumenskaya Square to the columns of the Vorontsov Palace. This very pleasant promenade runs along the waterfront. At the end of the promenade you will come to the foot of the legendary Potemkin staircase where the mythical scene from Sergei Eisenstein’s film Battleship Potemkin takes place. In the summertime, you can go to one of the city’s beaches, such as Lanzheron, Arcadia or Otrada, and after a good swim, you can relax in the shady Tarasa Shevchenka Park next door.

  • Mount Hoverla

    The highest mountain in Ukraine is located in the eastern part of the Carpathians, in the Chornohora Mountains. The easy and well-marked ascent of the 2061 meters high Hoverla Mountain is one of the most popular expeditions in the country. It is possible from late spring to late autumn. The trails leading to the summit start from the Zaroslyak base camp near the village of Lazeschyna and take you through tree areas (beech, fir and spruce), fields of wild flowers, the Nesamovyte mountain lake, and meadows where nature is beautiful.

  • Mangoup-Kale

    Mangoup is a very old fortress in the southwestern part of the Crimea, near Sebastopol. The old castle was built by the Goths in the 3rd century, on a 300-meter high promontory protected naturally on three sides by cliffs that fall steeply into the surrounding valleys. Looted and burned many times during its history, the building was completely rebuilt by the Turks. Although it was later abandoned, the 15,000-meter-long surrounding walls with defensive towers at each corner can still be seen. In the center are the remains of the old building, and the site also has many springs. To get a better idea of the place and to go further in your discoveries, don’t hesitate to ask for a Ukrainian tourist guide.

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