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The Normandy region is rich in both history and natural beauty. You’ll appreciate its culture and traditions in the most authentic of settings. Large green meadows, the winding Seine, the majestic contours of the cliffs off the Albâtre coast, the mythical bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the D-Day beaches, the seaside resorts of Deauville and Trouville… so many places to send you exploring the region and its many secrets. And do not hesitate to call on a Normandy tourist guide to fully discover this part of France that deserves more than a weekend to explore.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Normandy

  • The Etretat Cliffs

    The small town of Etretat is located near Le Havre. This village is world famous for its cliffs and the incredible view from their summit. The cliffs make up part of 140 kilometers of the Albâtre coastline. With grandiose arches on the three cliffs of Aval, Amont and Manneporte, the spot is truly legendary. Each overlooks the English Channel from a height of up to 100 meters. The most memorable is the Porte d’Aval: from atop its flint archway you’ll have access to a splendid panorama. The Gr21 trail will take you along the coastline and let you observe herds of grazing cows grazing on the slopes.

  • The Andelys

    The French Revolution brought together Little Andely, an ancient fishing village on the banks of a river, and Big Andely, a Gallo-Roman town with ramparts and a belfry, to form the charming and enchanting Andelys municipality. Only 100 kilometers from Paris, this town is on the banks of the Seine in the department of Eure. It is dominated by the ruins of Chateau-Gaillard, a large 12th century castle constructed by Richard the Lionheart. Be sure to walk along the banks of the Seine for a magnificent view of the valley.

  • D-Day Beaches

    When Allied forces landed in France on June 6, 1944, five beaches became the site of the Battle of Normandy that launched France’s liberation from Nazi forces. All five are located on the west coast of Calvados.
    Sword Beach, the main landing point for British troops and where freed French troops came to tread. The easternmost beach is only 15 kilometers from Caen.
    Gold Beach was another landing place for British troops and arguably the battlefield with the fewest casualties.
    Juno Beach was under Canadian command with British forces. The German army held strong here but suffered considerable casualties.
    Utah Beach is the westernmost beach. It was intended for the taking back of the port of Cherbourg.
    Omaha Beach was the bloodiest because it was the most fiercely defended. American command took charge of the battle here.
    The Normandy beaches are not to be missed, with their beautiful landscape and the historical part they played in World War II. To deepen your knowledge, visit the Caen Memorial. Built on top of an old bunker, the museum masterfully details the D-Day invasion and the Second World War.

  • Le Mont-Saint-Michel

    The most visited place in Normandy, Mont-Saint-Michel remains magnificent and unmissable despite the crowds of tourists. You can wander through its medieval alleys during low tide, thanks to a newly installed bridge, during high tide when the site returns to its island form, or even at night. Above all, you must visit the abbey, one of the world’s most extraordinary pieces of religious architecture, built in 708 by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches. From high up you can enjoy a majestic view of the bay.

  • Honfleur

    The city of Honfleur was home to some of the world’s great painters and was the birthplace of the Impressionist movement. You’ll understand why when you’re here. The town embodies delicacy, charm and beauty, with its picturesque alleys, and typical Norman houses with half-timbered facades. All with a seaside resort atmosphere: a marina, fishing and commerce, a large beach, boutique hotels and many famous restaurants where you can feast on delicious regional dishes. A trip not to be missed.

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