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When you think of Cuba as a tourist destination, the image of a person sitting in front of the sea comes to mind, enjoying a refreshing drink like our famous Mojitos or a Cuba Libre and feeling how gently the breeze and the sun caress our skin. Without a doubt this is an experience worth traveling and if you visit this land and do not do so you will be depriving yourself of a unique moment of harmony with yourself and nature. However, I assure you that Cuba is much more than that. It has a variety of cultural, natural and historical attractions. It is authentic, safe and its friendly and charismatic people will provide added value to your trip. The Cubans, due to the influence of a great diversity of foreign cultures in their history and their own idiosyncrasy, are inclusive by nature and welcome visitors in their land as brothers. If you are a lover of people-to-people exchange and exploring unrestricted sites, Cuba is an ideal destination. Join the millions of travelers satisfied with their adventures in Cuba and let a local guide help you through the process.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Cuba

  • Havana City

    Havana is the capital of Cuba and is the main historical and cultural center of the country. In 2019 this city dressed up to celebrate its 500th anniversary and because of this several restoration and opening of new businesses have taken place recently. It can be found from very old buildings to luxurious 5 star hotels. It has an impressive nightlife with a varied recreational and cultural offer. It has several sites of interest such as the Capitol, the fortress of Morro, Chinatown, Tropicana, museums, parks, discos, bars, etc. Music and dance are strongly rooted in Havana’s culture and that is why it is common to find several places in the city to enjoy good music and popular Cuban dances such as salsa. Do not leave the Cuban capital without having taken a long walk in the alleys of the Havana Vieja district accompanied by a local tourist guide of Cuba.

  • Trinidad

    Trinidad is one of the oldest cities in Cuba and visiting it is an opportunity to live an almost mystical experience of encounter with the past. Its cobbled streets have witnessed stories dating back to the colonial era. It has a large number of thematic museums highlighting those dedicated to archeology, history and the representation of the life of the upper bourgeoisie that lived in the city. It has a rich tradition associated with pottery, textile and handicraft productions. In the city there are several spaces dedicated to the sale of souvenirs and the exchange with artists. Several bars offer services in the city and drink some authentic drink of Cuba like the Canchánchara while listening to live music from a traditional music group really worth it. Near Trinidad there are places of interest such as the El Cubano Natural Park, the Manaca Iznaga Tower and the Ancón beach.

  • Cienfuegos

    Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South and the City of the Sea is located in the central area of Cuba and has great potential for the development of tourism activity. The city is special because it is the only one in the national territory whose foundation is associated with individuals of French origin and this is clearly reflected in its beautiful architecture. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site in 2005 and stands out for being in excellent condition. Among its main sites of interest are the Marti Park, the Tomás Terry Theater, the Cathedral, the Palacio de Valle, the boardwalk, etc. Cienfuegos has excellent seabed and several dive sites located in different areas. It is close to the Jagua Fortress built in 1745 to protect the bay from attacks by privateers and pirates; to the Guanaroca lagoon, where it is possible to observe pink flamingos and El Nicho Natural Park that has several natural pools and waterfalls which stands out as one of the main natural products of the territory.

  • Santiago city

    The city of Santiago de Cuba is located in the eastern part of the country and is one of the main venues of the struggles for the independence of the Cuban people. It has a great variety of historical sites such as the Moncada Barracks; Cemetery Santa Efigenia, where rest the remains of Fidel Castro Ruz and Granjita Siboney. Here is the house of the conqueror Diego Velázquez, which was one of the first homes built in America and currently functions as a museum. In the city there is a strong presence of Afro-Cuban religions and has several museums, recreational centers, bars, restaurants, natural, historical and cultural sites. Among the sites of interest in Santiago are the Great Stone, the Castle of San Pedro de la Roca or Morro, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Plaza de la Revolución. And to discover even more of the city, contact a Santiago tour guide.

  • Viñales

    Viñales was declared a National Monument since 1979 and is located in a privileged geographical space west of Cuba. The small town, surrounded by natural wealth of incalculable value allows the visitor to be in harmony with nature. To contemplate natural landscapes of incomparable beauty, the Viñales Valley is one of the best options in Cuba and for mountaineering lovers it is undoubtedly an earthly paradise. Viñales is ideal for the development of outdoor activities such as climbing and horse riding. Among the sites of interest are the Municipal Museum; the Caridad Garden, with a great variety of orchids and palms; Tobacco Plantation Casa del Veguero and the Mural of Prehistory.

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