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The travel and tourism Industry has an amazing and enormous capacity to grow in Pakistan. It is a well-known destination for travelers from both inside and outside the country because it contains some of the highest mountains, lakes, and natural sceneries with breathtaking landscapes on the globe. According to reports, Pakistan is now observing the best growth rates in the whole world of tourist arrivals, and as a result, the travel industry should be seen as a crucial component of the Country's economic growth plan.
Pakistan has been named the third-best travel destination worldwide for 2020 by the British Backpacker Society (BBS). In this stunning country, which covers the highest mountains in the north to the valleys and deserts of Pakistan's central region and the Arabian Sea in the south, the landscape is remarkably diverse. The four regions of Pakistan are known for their breathtaking natural scenery as well as for their warm hospitality and welcoming to travelers from other countries.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Pakistan

  • Islamabad

    Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is a beautiful city worth visiting for holidays and to relax. The whole city is surrounded by greenery and neat clean and peaceful roads. You’ll like and love it after you explore the amazing city with a moderate population. The Pakistan Monument Shakarparian, Damne koh , the Lok Virsa, the old small Saidpur Village, Lake View Park and the Faisal Mosque are among a few of the most visited and important cultural heritage sites in the capital to explore. We can drive up to monal a beautiful restaurant and viewpoint and rather than driving you can also trek up into the beautiful , trails of margala hills using different points. You might capture the stunning scenery of Islamabad and all the nearby areas of cities at the monal point and can take beautiful pictures for your Instagram and memories.

  • Lahore

    Lahore is known as the most prominent and most visited place in Pakistan due to its unique activities, and shopping areas, historical sites, busy streets, famous foods. Lahore is the second largest city in the country and it was once the center during the Mughal period that’s why there are a lot of historical sites that still remain from that period. There is a common saying about Lahore, you are not born if You have not visited Lahore.
    Lahore fort is a must-visit place for people who are architecture and history lovers, which was partially built in the 16th century by the Mughal emperor and is a good example of Mughal architecture. The famous Badshahi mosque is another iconic and beautiful mosque from the Mughal period and can be visited by tourists.
    Some other iconic sights of unity and national pride are located nearby just as Minare Pakistan, Shalimar garden, and Lahore museum. The other famous and memorable places to visit include the Anakarli Bazar, the tomb of emperor Jahangir and the Wagah border.

  • Peshawar

    Peshawar is a historical city situated in the northwest region of the country and is very famous for its hospitality and culture. The history of Peshawar is dated back to almost 530 BCE which makes it the oldest city in Pakistan and one of the oldest and most historical in Asia.
    Peshawar city is also called the city of flowers it is not famous for its fancy buildings or extraordinary infrastructure but it is famous for its culture, its tradition, and roots which make them live always with pride. The weather of Peshawar varies in all four seasons of the year when the temperature in summer can go up to 43 degrees Celcius in summer and go down to 2 degrees Celsius in winter.
    Peshawar is the capital of KPK province (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) province and is very famous for its local food and people here are meat lovers. If you are fond of lamb meat you must try the lamb meat at the famous Namak Mandi street of Peshawar near Khyber bazaar.
    Peshawar is famous for its old bazaars, food markets, and museum. You can buy anything at a cheap price in Peshawar which is famous for its wholesale markets

  • Skardu

    Skardu is the most visited place in the 2021-2022 post COVID season due to its cold chilly weather, greenery, dry mountains with snow-covered mountains, the international airport in the middle of high mountains, beautiful lakes, beautiful green meadows, breathtaking view of Indus river cold deserts and most importantly loving people.
    Skardu is a very busy place for international tourists, especially Trekking lovers and mountaineers because Skardu has some amazing treks through glaciers and the base camp of the world’s second-highest mountain K2 is located in the Skardu region. the other must-visit places include 600 years old Kharpocho Fort, Skardu Bazaar, Deosai National Park and Satpara Lake.

  • Hunza

    Hunza Is the most people place in all of Pakistan which is visited in almost all four seasons of the year due to its amazing diverse weather. In Hunza, you will find some amazing, loving, hospitable, Educated, and liberal people. Besides the Karakoram mountain ranges and Karakoram highways, Hunza has many small towns in which the people’s source of income is mostly tourism and Agriculture.
    Hunza is famous for its High mountain, some 7000 m plus high peaks, glaciers, wooden old bridges, green meadows, and snowcapped mountains.
    Hunza has a variety of different fruits in all seasons, especially dry fruits and you will also see varieties coming from china as well because Hunza is the first major city near the China border in the north.

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