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When visiting Hungary, the first thing to do is to visit Budapest, the capital of the country, which is divided in two by the Danube River, with Buda on the right bank and Pest on the left bank. A most romantic city, the traveler will relax in the magnificent thermal baths and in the evening will discover a very festive nightlife. The country has beautiful landscapes, in the northwest mountains and large plains in the east. It is also a land of castles, baroque villages and spas.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Hungary

  • Lake Balaton

    It is around Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Europe, where a large number of the Hungarian population goes in summer. Along its 260 km of coastline. It is not for nothing that Hungarians call it “the inland sea“. There are beautiful sandy beaches with all possible water activities, all with fresh water, relatively warm, but we discover all around the lake of magnificent historical cities like Veszprém, one of the oldest cities of Hungary, Keszthely or Tihany the most picturesque part with its peninsula with a nature reserve of 400 hectares. Enter the vineyards of Badacsony, to taste very refined white wines.

  • Szeged

    Szeged is the third largest city in Hungary. It is located in the south of the country not far from the Serbian border. The city is very lively and has a very active youth, as it has a large university. Its architecture is very attractive. At the same time, Art Nouveau buildings such as the Gròf Palace dating from 1913 but also beautiful historical monuments on the Cathedral Square, the Votive Church and the Orthodox Church with its many icons. Szeged also has its Anna fürdő thermal baths built in 1 896. To walk nothing better than to take the pedestrian street Kárász, you will discover beautiful houses, but also enjoy its stores, cafes and restaurants where you can taste its famous fish soup.

  • Pécs

    After many years of Turkish occupation, the city of Pécs, located just a few kilometers from Croatia, and its region enjoy a climate where the sun and heat are almost constant all year round. Its unique charm comes from the fact that the city center is a pleasant place to stroll through its pedestrian streets. You can admire the baroque style houses with red tile roofs. The city has kept its oriental atmosphere. For proof on the square Széchenyi the old mosque of Pasha Gazi Kassim built in 1546 and which became a Catholic church.

  • Tokaj

    It is a world famous wine region near the Ukrainian border. The Nagy-kopasz mountains are 500 meters high and dominate the small town of Tokaj. The surroundings are surrounded by beautiful forests of acacia and pine trees. The vineyards are located on the southern side of the slopes. The beauty of the landscape, the gentle way of life and the tour of the winegrowers make Tokaj and the surrounding hilltop villages a wonderful place to visit.

  • Héviz

    The small town of Héviz is a very touristic place in the southwest of Hungary, 200 kilometers from Budapest. People come from all over the world to visit the natural thermal lake and to benefit from its medicinal properties known since the time of the Romans. All this in a warm water which reaches 25° in winter. Around the lake, there is a huge natural park with a very particular fauna and flora, in particular the pink water lily present due to the heat of the water.

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