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The United Arab Emirates is a Middle Eastern federation founded in 1971 and composed of seven emirates. Each has a legitimate monarchy with full powers. The president of the federation is the Emir of Abu Dhabi, which is by far the largest territory.
The other six emirates are Dubai (the most populous with 4.2 million inhabitants), Sharjah, Ras el Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm al Qaiwain,

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Five ideas for guided tours in United Arab Emirates

  • Umm al Qaiwain

    This Emirate is the second smallest and least populated with 80,000 inhabitants. It can be visited easily in a day.
    The favorite attraction is the Al Ali fort which is found near the Medina. It was built in 1768 by the ancestors of the present dynasty. A second fort dating from the mid-nineteenth century can be visited near the oasis of Falaj Al Mualla. Its wind towers that were used to ventilate the buildings overlook a fertile wadi where thousands of date trees grow. For family activities, there are two water parks in Umm al Qawain, Dreamland Aquapark and Ice Land Water Park, which will delight children.

  • Fujairah

    Formerly under the rule of the Emirate of Sharjah, Fujairah declared its independence in 1902 but it was not recognized until fifty years later. You can come and visit the oldest place of prayer in the emirates. The small Al Bidiya Mosque was built in 1445 on a promontory from where one can observe the Al Hajar Mountains. Many historical excursions are possible throughout the region. The Fujairah museum presents the discoveries of the archaeological excavations and exhibits the tools of the populations who lived in this region since 4000 years. Right next to the museum the main city fort is surrounded by dozens of ancient houses made of straw and clay bricks. After fifteen kilometers you will reach the Al Bithnah Fort near the Wadi Ham and its large palm grove.

  • Sharjah

    The emirate of Sharjah is by far the most conservative. Very close to Dubai, the opposition is obvious. You can take the time to visit it and get some peace and quiet. An old district called Herritage village has been renovated keeping the architecture of the houses of the years 1940-1950. You can walk through the narrow streets and reach the Buheirah corniche, the beautiful promenade that runs along the port.

  • Ras el Khaimah

    The emirate is made up of two distinct enclaves with, in the north, near the border with Oman, the main city of Ras el Khaimah and its fort of Al Dayah. It is undoubtedly the least visited emirate but it is worth the detour with landscapes as diverse as :
    – The high mountain of Jebel Jais which culminates at nearly 2,000 meters. There are many hiking trails.
    The dunes of the Rub Al Khali desert that you can climb by renting a 4×4.
    – The paradisiacal beaches and its exceptional spots for surfers.

  • Ajman

    Here you are in the smallest of the seven emirates. It is the one that has kept its ancient physiognomy. Composed of three enclaves (Manama, Masfout and the city of Ajman) the territory is very little visited and yet there are privileged places like the Al Zorah reserve rich in bird species including groups of pink flamingos. In the main city you can visit a fort dating from 1780, now transformed into a museum. Nearby, the old souks which have lost their former splendor and walking along the waterfront we arrive at the picturesque fish market.

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