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Kenya is known worldwide as having the most beautiful parks, equipped with the best infrastructure to make a safari and admire the wildlife up close. Pass through the Rift Valley, this ornithological paradise, which sees its pink flamingos disappearing little by little, but still hosts pelicans, and sometimes rhinoceroses, coming to drink in Lake Nakuru. In the savannahs of Amboseli, you will observe herds of elephants facing Kilimanjaro; further west, the bush of Tsavo allows you to admire the most mythical African mammals (lions, buffaloes, giraffes, leopards...). In the center and southwest, you will meet the fabulous Maasai people, who have preserved their traditions so well. Kenya is also a magnificent playground for diving, with its magnificent coral reef and its heavenly beaches.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Kenya

  • Masai Mara Reserve

    Kenya has 40 natural parks throughout its territory. The Masai Mara reserve, in the southwest of the country, remains the most famous. It is the extension of another very famous park, the Serengeti, in Tanzania. Its name comes from the Maasai people, who still live there and raise their herds, and from the Mara River, which runs through the territory. The entire hilly savannah is home to many animals. One of the most spectacular attractions of the area is the migration of gazelles, zebras, and especially wildebeest (there are over a million of them). They cross both parks, and their confrontation with the big cats as they cross the rivers is a moment that will stay with you forever. The Masai Mara reserve has the particularity of allowing off-road driving, and thus allows for close observation of the wildlife.

  • Lake Nakuru

    Located in the middle of a park at an altitude of about 1,800 meters in central Kenya, Lake Nakuru is in the middle of the Rift Valley. This lake is very famous for the great variety of birds that live there. The place is beautiful. It is a large expanse of water, surrounded by an abundance of acacia trees, accompanied by a surrounding plain where antelopes and gazelles gallop, with the volcanoes dominating in the distance. The pink flamingos were once the emblem of the lake. The waters were home to up to 3 or 4 million a few years ago. Pollution and deforestation having done their sad duty, only 15,000 flamingos come to stop here. Fortunately, there are many other species of birds on this lake, including herons, storks, cormorants, and pelicans.

  • Kakamega Forest

    Kakamega Forest is located in the west of the country, near the border with Uganda. Visiting the forest is a great way to diversify your Kenyan vacation and enjoy the bush and nature while getting out of your 4×4. You will walk along the paths, looking up to admire the large tropical trees and listening to the birds singing, in osmosis with thousands of multicolored butterflies flying in all directions. Here, the flora has remained untouched for centuries: this is what we call a primary forest. There are very few on the planet. This jungle also contains a multitude of monkeys that live in freedom, such as silver monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys or baboons.

  • Mount Kenya

    The second highest peak in Africa, after Kilimanjaro, is located in central Kenya, in the region where the Walakamba people live. Mount Kenya was originally a volcano, now covered by beautiful valleys that gently descend from its summit, culminating at 5,200 meters above sea level. Its ascent, although requiring a good physical shape, is not so complicated, because it does not subject to climbs or passages too dangerous. You will need a tourist guide in Kenya to do it: it is simply a beautiful escapade. The trail starts from the village of Chogoria, from where you’ll start by walking through a large bamboo forest. Then, you will climb more and more, passing through beautiful landscapes, where you will cross emerald-colored high lakes, steep gorges, beautiful waterfalls and heather moors. In all, the ascent lasts 5 days, before reaching the summit of Lenana.

  • Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park

    Located off the southern coast of Kenya, near Zanzibar, Kisite National Marine Park consists of four beautiful islands surrounded by coral reefs. The most famous is Wasini Island. In this heavenly universe, you can swim with dolphins, dive, snorkel, admire schools of multicolored fishes, bask on fine sandy beaches, and rest at the edge of the turquoise and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This reserve is a must see!
    You can get there from Diani beach, the most beautiful beach in Kenya, which is just north of this aquatic sanctuary.

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