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Last updated on 03/22/2023


The general terms and conditions of use govern access to the website, which aims to put tourists in touch with tourist guides around the world.
This site has been created by GK Consulting, headquartered at 12, rue Vivienne 75002 Paris France,
Email :,
registered under SIREN number 508 887 692 with the Paris Trade and Companies Register.
The General Terms and Conditions of Use constitute a contract between GuideYourTrip and the “Guide user”, who is bound by all of these terms once he/she has expressly accepted them via the registration form.
If the “Guide user” does not accept the General Terms and Conditions, he/she will not be able to appear on the site.


The aim of is to give guides from all over the world the opportunity to post their contact details, so that tourists can contact them directly and free of charge to help them organize their trips and visits.
Tourists can also fill in a form to describe their visit in greater detail. GuideYourTrip will send the “Tourist User” the coordinates of the guides corresponding to his/her search, also free of charge.
The contract is between the guide and the tourist. GuideYourTrip shall not be liable in any way for this contract.
All terms and conditions regarding rates, payment, insurance, logistics, locations, dates, schedules and cancellations are to be agreed exclusively between the guide and the tourist.
GuideYourTrip, as a third party to this contract, is in no way bound by its terms, pursuant to the provisions of article 1165 of the French Civil Code.


Please note: registration on the website by the “Guide user” is of course a prerequisite for displaying his/her contact details on the site.

Once validated, registration will enable the “Guide user” to appear on the website in the destination corresponding to his/her visits, and to create a dedicated page.


Can register as a “Guide user”:

  • Any natural person aged 18 or over who enjoys full legal capacity under French law.
  • Any legal entity operating as a guide.
  • Individuals and companies will be asked to confirm whether or not they hold a certified guide’s license. The validation of this information implies that it will or will not be annotated on the page describing their activity.
  • Prior registration on the website is mandatory.

The “Guide User” must create an account using the registration form available on the website. Access to this form will be provided by email request to The Guide undertakes to complete all mandatory fields in the form and to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information.

Full validation of the “Guide user”: based on 4 criteria.

  • Send a personal photo of the guide
  • Email validated
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions
  • Honorary acceptance to be a certified guide (if you answer Yes to this question on the registration form)

With the information from the form, the dedicated guide page can be consulted on the site, and the “Guide user” is asked to validate it.

It is materially impossible for GuideYourTrip to verify the accuracy or veracity of the information provided.

The “Guide user” acknowledges that the provision of any erroneous, incomplete, misleading or out-of-date information when registering is likely to engage his or her liability towards the site and the “Tourist user”.


The “Guide” user may unsubscribe at any time by sending a simple request by email to


Pursuant to article L. 121-18 of the French Consumer Code, the Professional Guide is also obliged to provide the Visitor with the following information during the Visit:

  • in the case of a natural person, the surname and first name(s) or, in the case of a legal entity, the company name
  • the address where the Professional Guide is based, its e-mail address and telephone number

The “Guide User” is not bound to GuideYourTrip by any commitment other than these General Terms and Conditions of Use, and in particular by no exclusivity or non-competition clause. As an independent professional, he is free to promote his tours on websites other than and any other media of his choice.
No fee or percentage will be charged to the “User Guide”.


The website is solely responsible for putting the guides’ contact details and descriptions online.
GuideYourTrip is not contractually involved in the tour process. He has no responsibility whatsoever for the course of the visit at any level. The “Guide User” cannot take legal action against GuideYourYrip in the event of a dispute with the “Tourist User”.
GuideYourTrip therefore accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with the preparation and execution of tours.
GuideYourTrip cannot guarantee that the guide’s visit will give full satisfaction to the “Tourist User”. Similarly, GuideYourTrip cannot guarantee that the tour will not be cancelled.
However, GuideYourTrip may help the “Guide user” in a “friendly” way to win the case in the event of a proven dispute.


GuideYourTrip reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use as its offer evolves.
Any modification will take effect for online offers within seven (7) days of its notification to the “Guide user” by any means chosen by the site.


The Terms of Use are governed by French law. Use of and access to the website are governed by French law.