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If you are looking for a sunny and historic travel destination, the island of Malta is the place to be. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is a beautiful island offering a unique combination of culture, history, beaches and spectacular scenery.
Malta's rich history dates back over 5,000 years, with cultural influences ranging from the Roman Empire to the British Empire to the Knights of the Order of St. John. You can admire historical monuments such as prehistoric temples, medieval fortresses, baroque palaces, churches and cathedrals. Malta is also known for its beautiful beaches of fine sand, pebbles and rocks. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean invite you to swim, dive and practice water sports.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Malta

  • The beautiful city of Mdina

    Mdina is a medieval city that was the capital of the island until the 16th century. Today, it offers a unique experience to all who visit it. If you are interested in history, culture, food and architecture, Mdina is a place not to be missed.
    The first thing to do when you arrive in Mdina is to get lost in the narrow and winding streets of the old town. The cobblestone streets will guide you through the city, where you can admire the imposing stone walls and majestic gates. From its ramparts, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, and appreciate the peace and tranquility that reigns in the city, earning it the nickname “Silent City”. A visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral is a must. Here you can admire incredible paintings, sculptures and beautiful decorations. The cathedral also houses the Museum of Sacred Art, which displays an impressive collection of religious artifacts.

  • The three cities: immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua

    If you are looking for a unique travel experience that combines history, architecture and natural beauty, don’t miss the three cities in Malta: Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua. These historic port towns are located on the Cottonera Peninsula in southern Malta and are considered the oldest and most charming towns on the island.
    A visit to Vittoriosa, also known as Birgu, is a must for any traveler interested in Malta’s history. This walled city is located on a hill, which allows it to enjoy breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour of Malta. The cobblestone streets and yellow stone buildings are steeped in history, from the time of the Knights of St. John to World War II. Be sure to visit St. Anne’s Chapel and the fortification of Fort St. Angelo.
    The nearby town of Senglea, also known as Isla, is a charming place to walk around. It is the smallest of the three cities. The narrow, winding streets lined with colorful stone houses offer a picturesque charm, while the town’s fortifications bear witness to its tumultuous past. Don’t miss a visit to the Chapel of Our Lady of Victory, a little gem of Baroque architecture.
    Finally, Cospicua, also known as Bormla, is a vibrant coastal town that offers a fascinating glimpse into daily life in Malta. The streets are lined with stone buildings and small stores, while the waterfront is lined with restaurants, bars and lively cafes. Don’t forget to visit St. Theodore’s Church, which houses some incredible frescoes, and the local history museum, as well as the Gardjola Gardens, which offer a panoramic view of the Grand Harbor.

  • Gozo

    Gozo, Malta’s small sister island, is an ideal vacation destination for those looking to escape the crowds and discover hidden treasures. With its stunning natural scenery, idyllic beaches and picturesque villages, Gozo has something to offer all types of travelers.
    The first stop on your Gozo adventure should be a visit to the famous Victoria Citadel. This historic fortress, perched on a hill, offers a breathtaking view of the island and is a true treasure of Maltese history. Next, head to the megalithic temple of Ggantija, one of the oldest prehistoric temples in the world, dating back to around 3600 BC. For those looking to relax, Gozo offers white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Ramla Bay beach is particularly recommended for its natural beauty and warm, clear sea. In the evening, when the heat is less intense, head to the island’s picturesque villages such as Xlendi, a popular resort with its many seaside restaurants and breathtaking scenery.

  • The Blue Lagoon

    Located on the island of Comino, the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination for tourists and locals for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. It is a true paradise for diving and swimming enthusiasts.
    The white sand beach stretches over a small cove protected by limestone cliffs, creating crystal clear turquoise water. The water is shallow and therefore ideal for swimming or snorkeling to admire the colorful fish.
    The Blue Lagoon is easily accessible by boat from Malta and Gozo. It is also an excellent choice for a boat trip, which will allow you to discover other treasures of the island of Comino, such as the bay and the cave of Santa Maria.

  • The lovely fishing village of Marsaxlokk

    Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing village located on the southeast coast of Malta. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the authentic atmosphere, Marsaxlokk is the perfect place.
    One of the main attractions of Marsaxlokk is its Sunday market, where locals and tourists alike gather to buy fresh produce, crafts and souvenirs. The market is an explosion of colors and smells, with stalls filled with freshly caught fish, local fruits and vegetables, as well as clothing and crafts. The village is also rich in history and culture. Fort Saint-Lucien, an ancient fortress, offers a panoramic view of the area and is a favorite spot for photographers. The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, with its magnificent architecture, is also a site not to be missed.

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