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Albania has been the country of great civilizations (Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and the Illyrians, the ancestors of the Albanians). That is the reason why this country is rich in archeological sites, most notably the Butrinti Park, which is absolutely worth visiting. Related to the nature, you will discover its coastlines, the Ioanian and the Adriatic costs, It's amazing lakes, mountainous landscape, and thick forests. This country, which is an undiscovered gem of the Mediterranean, has developed similarly to Greece in the 1950s. Even though its touristic infrastructure has just begun to be developed, there are many magnificent places to enjoy and walk around in which are not yet overcrowded by the mass number of travelers. You will easily find many Albanian tour guides in Tirana, or wherever you go, who will make sure you don't miss anything about this region, which is not very well-known.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Albania

  • Gjirokastra

    A city that should not be missed, it is located in the south of the country just 30 km from Greece. You will admire magnificent stone houses hanging on the mountain. The historic city center of Gjirokastër has remarkably well preserved Ottoman architecture with its alleys, medieval charm, bazaar and its terraces of cafes. Feel free to stop by one of Gjirokastër’s countless cafes for a drink while gazing at the surrounding mountains. While walking around you will notice that the cobbled streets become steep very quickly until you reach the imposing Gjirokastër Fortress which overlooks the valley. It dates from the 12th century and a tunnel that runs along it makes it possible to go around it entirely from the outside.

  • Butrint Archaeological Site

    The archaeological site of Butrint is located in southern Albania, next to the city of Saranda, and very close to the Greek border. Human traces dating from prehistory and the sixth century BC have been found there. Many monuments, most of them very well preserved, are there to prove it: the Greek theater, the Roman monuments, the early Christian church of the 400s. At the top of a small hill you will see that the whole complex offers exceptional natural landscapes. It is surrounded by the sea with a breathtaking panorama of Lake Butrint and the Vivari Canal.

  • The village of Qeparo

    This small lost mountain village resembles a provincial village. It is made up of two very distinct parts. The upper part located at a height of 300 meters is the old Qeparo, which is today almost completely deserted by its inhabitants. Most of the abandoned houses have whitewashed facades but there is a bar in the central square with a view overlooking the Ionian Sea. The streets, with their large cobblestones are surrounded by more or less wild vines, oleanders and fig trees. The city has countless beautiful hikes which will leave you amazed by the incomparable and preserved landscapes. The lower part has a beautiful beach and many hotels and residences where you are likely to stay for a few days to enjoy this Albanian Riviera.

  • Osum Canyon

    The Osum canyon is located in the center of Albania, not far from the city of Çorovodë (a 2 hour drive away). The river that winds through the middle is 26 kilometers long. On each side, the vertical walls almost touch at certain points of the route. From the top, the view is fantastic. But do not hesitate to venture to the bottom and give yourself a refreshing swim. When the weather permits, rafting trips are organized along the river. And to better explore this region, call on an Albanian tourist guide. He will bring you to unsuspected and magnificent corners.

  • Korçë

    Korçë is a very old town in the south of the country, located at a high altitude and very close to the border of Greece. It remains a traditional city, with its large Communist Era boulevards and concrete buildings. However, the majority of the city is made up of old stone houses. There is a nice atmosphere in Korçë, especially if you go to its big market. Do not miss the visit to the National Museum of Medieval Art, the most beautiful museum in the Balkans which undoubtedly has the largest collection of religious objects in the world. Very close to the city is the magnificent hamlet of Dardhë, from where you can take well marked paths for hikes.

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