Take a trip to Oceania

We often forget that Oceania is a continent that cannot be ignored when one is a great traveler in search of adventure. Get ready for a "very distant" tour!
Going to Australia remains a dream that must be earned. Indeed, apart from the distance, you will need a rather important budget to travel to the 4 corners of this big island.
The country is vast and includes worlds so different but always breathtaking: deserts, cliffs, lakes ... If you love nature, you will be served.
Let's just mention the Great Barrier Reef on the East coast which is the largest coral reef in the world and in the center the Uluru National Park ; the Aboriginal historical territory.
You can also enjoy its pleasant beaches lost in the middle of nowhere or in the heart of big cities like Sidney and Melbourne.
But Oceania is also New Zealand. And there again, you will be amazed by a rich and varied nature: forest, mountains and waterfalls will once again be there.
Moreover, you will be able to boast of having stayed in one of the most pleasant cities to live in the world: Auckland !
If you are looking for peace and quiet, one of the paradise islands lost in the Pacific Ocean will welcome you with pleasure!
In any case, you will find your happiness among all these destinations.

Country: Oceania

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