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Uganda is an authentic destination and has not yet experienced mass tourism. The country, which has no ocean coastline, is however covered with water: rivers and large lakes with, of course, in the South, the immense Lake Victoria. This one is adorned with magnificent beaches and numerous islands, such as Bugala, where you can rest and practice all kinds of nautical activities, as well as fishing. In the west of the territory there are large reserves, such as the Bwindi Forest, where you can observe silverback gorillas, and the Queen Elizabeth Park, with its diverse fauna including elephants and buffaloes. As you travel around the country and experience its changing landscapes, you will understand why Winston Churchill called Uganda "the pearl of Africa.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Uganda

  • Bwindi National Park

    Located in the Virunga mountain range in the southwest of the country, Bwindi Park is nestled in the middle of a lush and almost impenetrable forest. There are still about a thousand of them, and to see them living in freedom is an amazing sight. They are impressive animals, measuring from 1.5 to 2 meters, and weighing up to 300 kilos. They are however harmless and very sociable. A walk to observe them is done exclusively accompanied by a private Ugandan tour guide, and it is necessary to book it well in advance, because the number of visitors per day is very limited. Please note that a $600 permit is required for the privilege of this exceptional visit.

  • Toro Semuliki National Park

    The Semuliki National Park covers 220 km² and is located in the Rift Valley, on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, and close to Lake Albert in the north. It is a favorite place for many species of birds, which like to come near its swamps. There is also an abundant fauna of leopards, hippos, dwarf buffaloes, elephants and many types of monkeys: chimpanzees, baboons, blue monkeys… The whole park is overflown by countless species of butterflies. One of the highlights of the park is the hot springs of Sempaya. Many tourists come every year to see the geyser, whose temperature is around 1,000 degrees.

  • Murchison Falls

    Murchison Falls is located in the park of the same name, in the Bugungu Game Reserve. This place, also called Kabarega Falls, is where the Victoria Nile falls into a narrow gorge at a height of 45 meters, to become a quiet river where crocodiles and hippos come to bathe, and finish its peaceful way to Lake Albert. For the best view of the falls, it is best to take a boat from Paraa, a little further east. You will have the opportunity to sail on the Nile, observing the surrounding flora and fauna, and arrive at the edge of the falls with an impressive view.

  • Entebbe

    Entebbe is located just 35 kilometers from the capital Kampala, on a peninsula north of Lake Victoria. The name of this city is best known for its airport, which was the scene of a hostage-taking incident involving an Air France plane in 1976. But today it is a very pleasant and welcoming place, where it is good to come to rest, to walk in the streets and the flowered parks, and to spend good time at the edges of the beaches of the lake. The climate of the city is quite mild, as it is located at an altitude of 1,100 meters.

  • Fort Portal

    The most pleasant and authentic city, according to all the tourists who have stayed in Uganda, is undoubtedly Fort Portal. It is located in the west of the country, right next to the Rwenzori Mountains. In addition to being a peaceful and charming place, it is a perfect base for all the excursions in the region, especially to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, less than an hour away. Just 20 kilometers from Fort Portal, you can enjoy beautiful treks around the Kasinda Crater Lakes. It is in this green area, shaped by ancient volcanic activity, that the largest tea plantations are located. You will pass through beautiful valleys and picturesque farming villages.

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