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Located in the southwest of France, the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the largest region in France. It is known for its varied landscapes ranging from the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the mountains of the Pyrenees. The region is also famous for its historic cities and prestigious vineyards. With a wealth of culture and natural beauty, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is an ideal destination for sightseeing.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • The Pilat Dune

    The Great Dune of Pilat, is a natural wonder located in the department of Gironde. This sand dune, which is more than 100 meters high, is the highest in Europe and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.
    Located about 60 km from Bordeaux, it is a unique place that offers spectacular views of the nearby pine forest, the Arguin bank, the Arcachon basin and the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including hiking, paragliding, swimming, fishing and sailing.
    To access the dune, one must climb the wooden stairs that have been built on the slope of the dune. Once at the top, the panorama is fantastic on the pine forest, the basin of Arcachon and the Atlantic Ocean. The most courageous can also go down the dune on a sandboard.

  • City of La Rochelle

    The city of La Rochelle is famous for its old port, medieval towers and cobblestone streets. Guided tours of La Rochelle include a visit to the La Rochelle Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in Europe.
    The port of La Rochelle is an iconic part of the city. It is lined with cafes and restaurants, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view. The city’s medieval towers, such as the Tour de la Lanterne and the Tour Saint-Nicolas, also offer a great view of the harbor and the city.
    For those looking to relax, the beaches of La Rochelle are a paradise. One of the most popular beaches is the “Plage de la Concurrence” , located near the port. It offers a breathtaking view of Fort Boyard. The Minimes beach, on the other hand, is a quieter beach, perfect for relaxing in the sun.
    Finally, La Rochelle is also known for its gastronomy. Seafood is a local specialty, with dishes such as oysters and mussels offered in many of the city’s restaurants. The region’s wines, especially those from the Ile de Ré, are also very popular.

  • Sarlat-la-Canéda, the medieval town

    Sarlat-la-Canéda, located in the Périgord Noir, is a preserved and picturesque medieval town. Guided tours of Sarlat include a visit to the old town and its cobblestone streets, as well as a tasting of local specialties such as foie gras and truffles.
    The town has a long history, dating back to Roman times. The city’s narrow, winding streets are lined with historic buildings, some dating back to the 14th century. The churches, townhouses and mansions are all built of stone, giving them a beautiful golden color.
    Sarlat-la-Canéda is also known for its Saturday morning market, which offers a wide range of local products, including foie gras, truffles, cheese and wine. Visitors can also explore the town’s many restaurants, which offer traditional Perigord cuisine.
    The streets of the city are often animated by street performers and musicians, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Visitors can also discover the surrounding tourist sites, such as the Lascaux caves, the Vézère valley and the medieval villages of the region.

  • Montagnon Lake

    Located in the Pyrenees National Park, Lake of Montagnon is surrounded by majestic peaks and lush forests. The lake itself is fed by the crystal clear waters of the surrounding mountains, offering a beautiful emerald blue color that changes with the light. The shores of the lake are lined with lush green meadows and hiking trails that wind through the valley.
    For hiking enthusiasts, Lake of Montagnon is an ideal starting point for exploring the Pyrenees. The hiking trail to the lake is accessible to all skill levels, and offers spectacular views along the way. Hikers can also discover the many lakes, waterfalls and viewpoints along the way.
    Montagnon Lake is one of the most popular natural gems in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and for good reason: this mountain lake offers breathtaking views and a peaceful, relaxing setting.

  • Biarritz beaches

    Miles of fine sand, crashing waves and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean make Biarritz one of the most popular beach destinations in France. If you are looking for spectacular beaches, Biarritz will not disappoint you. This charming town on the Basque coast is the place to be for water sports enthusiasts and sea swimmers. In this article, we will explore the most beautiful beaches of Biarritz so that you can fully enjoy your stay.
    The Grande Plage is the most famous beach of Biarritz, with its 2 kilometers of fine sand and its magnificent view on the city. It is located in the heart of the city, a few minutes walk from the main hotels and restaurants. This beach is perfect for families with children, as it is protected from the waves by a rocky dike. There are also many bars and restaurants to refresh you after a day on the beach.
    The beach of the Côte des Basques is one of the most beautiful in the region. It is ideal for surfers and bodyboarders, as it has a good swell and a favorable current. With its cliffs in the background and its crystal clear waters, this beach offers a magnificent setting for a day at the beach. If you’re not an experienced surfer, you can always rent a board and take lessons at one of the local surf schools.
    Miramar Beach is another popular beach in Biarritz. Located to the east of the city, it is quieter than the Grande Plage, but still offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is ideal for families with children, as it is protected from strong currents by rocks.
    Marbella Beach is a small beach hidden between two cliffs and is only accessible at low tide. It is the ideal place for a relaxing day in peace. The beach is not very well known, so it is generally less crowded than the other beaches of Biarritz.
    Milady beach is located west of the city, in the direction of Anglet. It is a family beach with a beautiful view of the Basque mountains in the background. It is also ideal for water sports, such as surfing and windsurfing.

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