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Far from the dramatic image that one might imagine, Kosovo, an autonomous province of Serbia declared independent only since 2008, is a country that will fascinate you during a trip full of surprises. In the heart of the Balkans, the country is the privileged place for all kinds of hikes through large meadows, steep hills or higher mountains like the Prokletije range. Kosovo has a very special fauna and a large number of wild animals such as wolves, lynx and bears. The lively cities offer different aspects. Pristina, the capital, still has a strong Ottoman influence, while in the south you will discover beautiful Orthodox sites.
In addition to the magnificent visits, the major asset of Kosovo is the welcome and the hospitality of its inhabitants who will not hesitate to offer you a drink or to invite you to share a meal.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Kosovo

  • Peja

    The town of Peja, which is called Peć in Serbian, is located in the west of the country in the beautiful Rugova Valley. It is located on the banks of the river Lumbardh and has a great cultural wealth. To begin your visit, take a walk in the city’s bazaar and in the detours of its lively streets you will discover all sorts of stalls, clothes, fabrics, leather goods and jewelry. Just next door don’t hesitate to visit the beautiful Bajrakli mosque which dates back to the 15th century. Continue your visit to the Serbian Orthodox monastery of the city, it has four churches and was founded in the thirteenth century. The nuns who still live there will show you around.
    Of course Peja is also a fabulous base for hiking in the surrounding valley.

  • Prizren

    The most beautiful city in Kosovo (according to its inhabitants 🙂 ) is only 80 kilometers from its capital Pristina. Prizren has a very interesting mixture of cultures mixing the West and the East. It is discovered as a jewel facing the Šar mountains and with its stone bridges where the river Prizrenska Bistrica passes. The Byzantine and Ottoman influence is very present, especially on the Shadervan Square, the central place of the old town with bars and restaurants where you will discover the beautiful Sinan Pasha mosque, one of the 30 mosques of the city, and just next to it the beautiful 15th century Serbian Orthodox church of St. George. On the heights, do not forget to climb to the top of the fortress Kalaja which dominates the city. Not to be missed especially at sunset.
    Only 30 km southwest of Prizren, go for beautiful hikes in the region of Dragash, you will walk through valleys with a rare vegetation of medicinal plants and you will meet shepherds living at more than 2500 m altitude.

  • Gjakova

    Almost completely destroyed during the Kosovo war, the town has been completely restored keeping its historical aspect intact thanks to the work of local artists. Gjakova, which is located south of Peja, is probably the most authentic town in Kosovo today. Its historical center is very rich with the most popular bazaar of the country which dates from the 17th century. You can buy all sorts of handicrafts and stop in one of its many bars to drink an excellent Turkish coffee. Walking in the heights of the city, you will pass from alley to alley and admire the old orthodox churches next to the old mosques and catholic churches.

  • The Mirusha waterfalls

    An hour’s drive from Pristina, the Mirusha waterfalls are a must-see place in Kosovo. They are located south of the mountains of Gremnik. At an altitude of 600 meters, the river that bears the name of the waterfalls has formed a canyon of 10 km and created 13 successive lakes into which the streams flow. The largest of them are more than 20 meters high. You can make a beautiful walk along the falls passing through wonderful landscapes surrounded by caves and rocks. In summer, the end of the walk can be pleasantly finished in the cool water of the falls.

  • Rugova Gorge

    The Rugova Canyon is located not far from the town of Gryka near the border with Montenegro. With a length of 25 km and a depth of up to 1,000 meters, Rugova is considered one of the longest and deepest canyons in Europe.
    It has a beautiful landscape and is a favorite place for hikers who come to admire the beautiful scenery along its steep ridges. Sportsmen and women enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing and even caving.

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