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Whether you choose to venture into the grandiose landscapes of Patagonia, marvel at Iguazu Falls or let yourself be carried away by the frenetic pace of Buenos Aires, Argentina promises an unforgettable journey, filled with magical moments and intense emotions.
Get ready to explore this land of a thousand wonders, where the warm hospitality of the locals and the breathtaking beauty of the landscape will captivate you at every step of your journey. Argentina awaits you, ready to offer you a unique and memorable adventure, where memories intertwine to create an unparalleled travel experience.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Argentina

  • Aconcagua: America’s highest peaks

    Discover the wild beauty of Aconcagua and be captivated by its snow-capped peaks, sparkling glaciers and verdant valleys. Aconcagua Park is the ideal starting point for exploring this natural wonder.
    Start your adventure at Plaza de Mulas, a base camp located at an altitude of 4,300 meters. From here, you can admire the grandeur of the mountain and prepare to climb its awe-inspiring peaks. Camp Canada, Camp Nido de Cóndores and Camp Berlin are all essential stops on your way to the summit.
    The mountain also offers challenges for less experienced hikers. You can choose to explore the less technical trails that will lead you to crystal-clear lakes and picturesque waterfalls. Laguna de los Horcones and Quebrada de Vacas are hidden gems to discover on your trip.
    Aside from mountaineering, the Aconcagua region is full of other natural wonders to explore. Don’t miss the Ischigualasto park, known as “Valle de la Luna”, with its unique rock formations and desert beauty.

  • Talampaya National Park

    Talampaya Park is a treasure trove of natural history. At the heart of the park lies the famous Ciudad Perdida, a lost city dating back to prehistoric times. Walk among the ruins and let your imagination transport you to a time when ancient civilizations dominated this arid region. Remarkable rock formations, such as the Cathedral and the Garganta del Diablo, will arouse your curiosity and wonder.
    Continue your exploration towards the Talampaya Canyon, a true geological wonder. Don’t miss Cerro Morado, an imposing peak offering panoramic views over the park. Continue your adventure to Arco Iris Canyon, where you’ll be fascinated by the amazing color variations and thousand-year-old cave paintings.
    Talampaya Park is also a sanctuary for wildlife. Watch guanacos, foxes and condors soar majestically over the landscape. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the diversity of bird species found in the region.

  • Foz de Iguazú

    In the heart of Argentina, the Iguazú Falls offer a breathtaking natural spectacle. Immerse yourself in a world of powerful waterfalls, lush vegetation and exceptional biodiversity. On the Argentine side, Foz de Iguazú is the gateway to this natural wonder. Start your exploration with a network of well-developed trails that allow you to get as close as possible to the falls. The falls are also accessible from Paraguay and Brazil .
    Don’t miss San Martín island, a small island in the heart of the Iguazú River. To get there, you’ll need to take a boat to this haven of tranquillity surrounded by majestic waterfalls.
    Foz de Iguazú is also an ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area. Take a boat trip to discover the Moconá Falls, a unique natural phenomenon where the falls spill over sideways, creating an extraordinary visual spectacle.

  • Mendoza.

    In the heart of Argentina, Mendoza is a destination that harmoniously combines beautiful mountain scenery, renowned vineyards and delicious cuisine.
    Start your visit at Plaza Independencia, the main square, to soak up the local atmosphere and admire the central fountain.
    For a memorable culinary experience, try the famous empanadas, succulent grilled meats and accompany your meal with a glass of local wine for an explosion of flavors.
    Finally, round off your visit with a trip to the Uco Valley, a renowned wine-growing region. Admire the rolling landscapes, endless vineyards and stop off at wineries such as Bodega Salentein and Bodega Zuccardi to taste prestigious wines.

  • Quebrada de Humahuaca

    The Quebrada de Humahuaca in northern Argentina is a spectacular valley steeped in history and natural beauty.
    Start your journey in the town of Purmamarca, famous for its iconic Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of Seven Colours). Admire the dazzling hues of the rock and stroll through the local market to discover traditional handicrafts.
    Continue on to Humahuaca, a small town with picturesque charm, and its famous Monumento a los Héroes de la Independencia (Monument to the Heroes of Independence).
    Continue your journey to the small town of Iruya, nestled in the heart of the mountains. Its narrow streets and adobe houses (a mixture of clay and a small amount of straw) will transport you to another time.
    End your exploration in the town of Humahuaca, home to the majestic Quebrada de Humahuaca in all its splendour. Admire the impressive geological formations and discover the indigenous communities preserving their ancestral heritage.

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