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Admire the Crozon peninsula in Brittany

Jan 24, 2024

The peninsula of Crozon, magical place at the end of Brittany

The landscapes are of fantastic beauty. Go hiking on the paths that dominate the ocean, discover the coves scattered along the coast and admire the magnificent beaches with their turquoise waters.

How to find your way around Crozon peninsula?

It is in the Finistère Department that this Jewel that borders the Iroise Sea.
If this little film will have given you travel desires, here are some ideas for your next escapes.

See you in Camaret-sur-mer. It is indeed in this small village that you will be feet in the water meadows for the beautiful walks in the Regional Natural Park of Armorica. Enjoy the splendid sunsets at the edge of the typical small harbour surrounded by colorful houses.

When it comes to hiking around the Crozon peninsula, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
The Cap de la Chèvre, an ornament of cliffs that can reach 100 meters high and that plunge into the sea. A panorama of immense beauty.

To see the most unexpected corner, it is on « île Vierge beach » that you will have to go. Here we find ourselves in a secluded corner that looks like a Caribbean beach.

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