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Visit Cuba and treat yourself to a true cure of optimism.

Discover an authentic island where the consumer society has not yet taken precedence over human relations.
Befriend a warm people with a great education. Here music and dance are probably a second language.
To stay, choose the Casas particulares. It is much more than a home-stay but a unique way to exchange and better understand the Cuban way of life.

Cuba, the beautiful Caribbean offers you a true journey through time.

Most of the cars here are old American cars from the 1960s (Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, etc.), with their mileage breaking all records and their drivers being the all-class champions of mechanical repair.

This video will take you through several stages of a trip to Cuba.

In the first place the capital: Havana where you can get lost in the small streets of its historic center (Havana vieja).

To the south, the port town of Cienfuegos has the most wonderful bay on the island.

Famous tours are feasible right next door, In particular the very popular waterfalls of El Nicho where you will go swimming.

Let’s continue on our way to Trinidad.

The most beautiful and in our opinion the most traditional and sumptuous city of the country. These cobbled streets are surrounded by colorful houses and you will meet riders on their criollos; a breed of horses very resistant.
Just a few kilometres from this Caribbean gem, take a trip to the heavenly Playa Ancon. Turquoise water and white sand are waiting for you.

Return to the North-West towards the Viñales valley for escapes in the green nature and tobacco plantations..

Here you will observe the famous Mogotes, these limestone hills look like sugar buns.

In short, enjoy visiting Cuba before mass tourism puts an end to the special values of this beautiful country too prematurely.

Before going to the island or once there, contact a tourist guide to organize your. guided tours in Cuba.