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  • There is no better way than a local guide to lead you to hidden places that only the locals know about.
  • Your guide is the best person to make you exchange with the inhabitants of the country, the city or the village that you visit and thus better know their way of life.
  • A guide will tailor a tour to your needs and tastes.
    He or she will create customized itineraries, adapt to your preferences and suggest off-the-beaten-path tours.
  • A private guide will be your teacher, explaining each place in its historical and geographical context.
  • Your tour guide will answer all your questions about the local life (traditions, politics, culture, music, gastronomy …).
  • The guide will lead you safely to places that sometimes seem inaccessible.
    He will know how to make you travel through lost itineraries in the middle of nowhere in all serenity and safety.
  • The private guide is perfect for managing the logistics.
    The hours of visits with the least amount of people, the most interesting places for shopping, the fastest routes to get from one destination to another.
  • The tour guide is your personal translator, he is always present and can save you from possible scams.
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Latest posts

We had the pleasure of having Michael Samy as our tour guide for several days in Egypt. His knowledge base and ability to communicate were superb. He was flexible and extremely interested in making our trip exciting and met our expectations in every way. He was the best of the 5 guides we had in this 14 day trip. Can’t recommend him enough.
Lourdes Armengol
Lourdes Armengol
GuidYourTrip is a good experience
Bezzate Hassane
Bezzate Hassane
Mary surpassed our expectations as a tour guide. The experience was amazing. After one day touring the dingle Peninsula, we changed our plans so that she could take us on another day trip. She has extensive knowledge on Irish culture and history and took us to places that that other tours did not go to. All we can say is she “made our trip to Ireland very special “
Après plusieurs treks avec notre guide nepalais Yam (en 2015 le Mustang, en 2018 le Langtang, et en 2022 Balcons du Dhaulagiri au camp de base du Mardi Himal et aussi une sortie dans son village Laprak), nous le recommandons vivement. Il s'est occupé de toute l'organisation de A à Z. Très compétent, il s'adapte à nos besoins. Il a une connaissance parfaite du terrain et n'a de cesse de s'assurer que vous évoluez en toute sécurité. Nous n'avons pas suffisamment de mots pour vanter sa gentillesse.
If you want to create unbelievable memories, look no further! What can we say about Steven and Private Day Tours Amsterdam?? In one word, AMAZING! Went with my husband and 2 young girls (5 and 8) and spent 3 fantastic days. Day 1, we did the "Countryside, Windmills & Fishing villages Tour" and it was spectacular. Definitely the right way to start. The windmills were stunning and the history that Steven provided made it educational and fun. We loved that we could take things at our own pace - when the girls wanted to stop to pet a baby lamb or feed ducks there was no sense of rushing us - it made it feel so relaxed and natural, like Steven was part of the family...a very knowledgable part of the family! 🙂 He read our cues effortlessly, and each suggestion was perfect - when to stop for hot cocoa or a snack, and the best place to do it on top of that. The fishing village, everything was amazing, and he was a great driver - that's an important one for me as I usually get motion sick if I'm not driving but not with Steven! I sat in the backseat of the mini van with our youngest and was just fine! He knew exactly where to go, was timely (10 minutes early in fact) - we were off to a great start. After the first day, it naturally came up that our girls love the beach. Without a blink of an eye, he offered a suggestion to combine our next two tours into one, and that would allow us to head to a beach the locals like to go to. How amazing is that! Giethoorn was amazing - he piloted the boat and was so thoughtful he even brought bread so the girls could feed the ducks - an ABSOLUTE highlight of the trip for them. The castle was awesome. I was worried it might be too much of an "older kid" thing for our 5 year old, but Steven made it so much fun the entire time, engaging them with an educational activity that saw them get a reward at the end. I was stunned, but our youngest (5) said of all the things they did, it was her favorite!! Our oldest said it was Giethoorn and feeding the ducks! 🙂 Steven is an amazing tour guide, and he aims to please. A private tour was absolutely the way to go, it felt so effortless, for what you get the price is amazing, and we learned and saw so much without feeling rushed or bombarded with facts. Thank you so much Steven! You're amazing at what you do, provide a level of service unparalleled, and we are so grateful for the memories you created for us.
Lolita Alkureishi
Lolita Alkureishi
Notre petit groupe composé de 5 personnes a fait une visite guidée de Jérusalem de 2 jours avec Patrick notre guide. Magnifique expérience, Patrick est d'abord très sympa, très pédagogue et surtout d'une érudition sans limite concernant Jérusalem. Guide à recommander sans restriction.
Jean-Paul Domergue
Jean-Paul Domergue
Excellent experience with obtaining a resourceful guide in Israel . I highly recommend this site
Tania Florez
Tania Florez
Isabelle est une guide passionnante et arrangeante. Nous avons passé un très bon moment en sa compagnie.
Nathalie PAILLAT
Nathalie PAILLAT
Si vous cherchez un guide à Séville nous vous recommandons Carlos Delgado Torres, avons passé une matinée avec lui, c'était super. En plus, il est de bons conseils avant votre arrivée si vous le souhaitez, a réservé nos places pour une soirée flamenco, bref, un super guide.
larhantec christiane
larhantec christiane