Take a trip to the Caribbean

White sandy beaches, turquoise water and a cocktail in hand. It's exactly what you imagine when you think of the Caribbean.
Travelling to this part of the world will give you the privilege of admiring enchanting islands. Ideal place to relax, sunbathe and take time for yourself.
Jamaica, Haiti or Martinique will welcome you for a dream vacation.
But a trip to the Caribbean can also be conducive to excursions in the rainforest or to historical cities like Havana, during a trip to Cuba.
And what about the Central American countries along the Caribbean Sea? Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Honduras, they are also countries rich in discoveries.
Did you know that there is only one place in the world from which you can see both oceans (Pacific and Atlantic)? This is at the top of the Baru volcano, in Panama.
The Caribbean is not exclusively reserved for people who want to spend their holidays with their feet in the water. As you will have understood, there is indeed a large choice of activities. All you have to do is choose your destination!

Country: Caribbean

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