Helicopter trips and tours

Flying over the world in a helicopter.

A helicopter tour is an absolutely fantastic experience. Flying high above the clouds in an awe-inspiring space will delight young and old alike. Even if the helicopter has a much shorter flight range than an airplane. Maximum distances do not exceed 650 kms, or even 1900 kms for a military aircraft.
The sensations are completely different, as you are suspended above the horizon with a 360° panoramic view. You won’t want to miss a show on a giant screen.
Helicopter trajectories are amazingly flexible. The aircraft can move in all directions without the need for large runways, making it a unique means of locomotion. Passengers have direct access to the cockpit, sometimes sitting next to the pilot and communicating directly with him via a headset.
These journeys through the sky will remain etched in your memories forever.
Numerous helicopter companies offer their services worldwide, with professional pilots and mechanics.
Several types of helicopter flights.

Here are a few helicopter companies for magnificent excursions.


Italy Flag

Excursions, Viewpoint, Cab Helicopter

Head office : Carpi - Emilia-Romagna Italia

All Italy

Héli Sécurité

France Flag

Excursions, Flying courses, Cab Helicopter

Head office : 195, Avenue de l’Héliport 83310 Grimaud France

Alpes Côte d'Azur


France Flag

Excursions, Flying courses, Cab Helicopter

Head office : 23, Rue André Farman 75015 Paris France

The Loire castles


United States flag


Head office : 165 Western Rd. Kearny, NJ USA

New York and Northeast

Keen Fly

United States flag


Head office : Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA

Pompano Beach


Swiss flag

Excursions, Viewpoint, Flying courses, Cab Helicopter

Head office : Genève / Aéroport Suisse

French and Swiss Alps

The Helicopter Company

Great Britain Flag

Cab Helicopter, Private company

Head office : Parkside House, 17 East Parade, Harrogate England

Great Britain

Introductory helicopter flight:

This is the first inaugural flight, during which the student will be briefed on the basics of helicopter piloting. It can be preceded by a short theoretical ground course. The aim is to learn and to make you want to continue.

Helicopter flight experience:

This is often your first helicopter flight, but it’s a generic term for sightseeing flights. Take in the sights of major cities, natural landscapes, fly over islands and mountains, or discover historic sites at their highest.

Helicopter Air Taxi Service:

This ultra-fast way of getting around avoids all the traffic jams and inconveniences of huge conurbations by being able to land as close as possible to your destination most of the time.