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Must-do activities on a trip to New York

May 16, 2024

New York attracts several million foreign tourists every year. Admittedly, the City that Never Sleeps is the stuff of dreams in movies, TV series and books. With its iconic monuments, world-class shows, outstanding museums and bustling streets, NYC is the ideal destination for memorable experiences. But to make your stay truly exceptional, here are the activities you shouldn’t miss under any circumstances!
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Take a helicopter ride in New York City

Nothing beats the adrenalin rush of a helicopter ride over the Big Apple. You’ll see the places you want to visit in New York from a spectacular angle. From the air, panoramic views make this iconic U.S. city all the more impressive. The trip usually starts in Manhattan, with a flyover of the Financial District, where you can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Next, the helicopter takes you along the Hudson River to give you a unique perspective of skyscrapers like One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building. The aerial adventure can continue over Central Park, the green oasis at the heart of the city. However, travelers can choose between several different routes.

See a Broadway show

Broadway is certainly the theater capital of the world. The halls of this historic avenue host famous productions, from musicals to plays. Iconic shows include The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and Chicago. New productions regularly make their debut to diversify the shows and cater for all tastes. Whatever the case, to attend a Broadway show is to enter a world of glittering costumes, sumptuous sets and breathtaking performances. It’s also a highly rewarding social experience, as you’ll find yourself among the many fans who gather outside these theaters for autograph sessions and lively discussions about their favorite plays.

Visit New York's most beautiful museums

New York is also an interesting cultural destination, and its museums are among the best in the world. The most visited is none other than the Metropolitan Museum of Art, often referred to as the MET. It houses over two million works of art that transport you to different eras and cultures. Then there’s the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), a contemporary art lover’s paradise! Here you’ll find works by great artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Warhol. The museum also features interactive installations and temporary exhibitions highlighting emerging artistic trends. The American Museum of Natural History, meanwhile, is ideal for families. Its exhibits on dinosaurs, planets and cultures from around the world fascinate young and old alike.

Climb to the top of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the very symbol of New York City. Inaugurated in 1931, this Art Deco icon in the middle of Manhattan rises 380 meters into the sky, offering incomparable views of the city. The ascent begins with a visit to the historical exhibits on the lower level, which trace the history of this legendary building. Upon reaching the 86th floor, you have access to an outdoor observation platform where you can take spectacular photos of the New York skyline. For an even more elevated experience, head to the 102nd and final floor where a 360-degree view of NY awaits you.

Take in a baseball game in New York

Much more than just a sport, baseball is a veritable institution in the United States. In New York, you have the chance to see some of the best players in action at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field. Located in the Bronx, Yankee Stadium is home to the most successful team in baseball history (the New York Yankees). Attend a game here and experience an unforgettable electric atmosphere with fervent fans. Citi Field, in Queens, is the home of the New York Mets. The atmosphere is more relaxed, but just as exciting. Other attractions include the Apple Home Run and food stalls.

Cruise the Hudson River

A cruise on the 507 km-long Hudson River gives you a whole new perspective on the city. Several options are available, including one-hour tours and romantic dinner cruises. In all cases, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Skyline and the city’s most famous landmarks from the water. You’ll pass by the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and many other famous landmarks. Cruises are often themed, with shows, live music, fireworks and more. Some offer guided commentaries to learn more about NY’s history and landmarks.
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