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Feb 21, 2024

Travel the world and open your eyes

Whether you’re a frequent traveller or a simple tourist; travel can take you to the ends of the earth or just a few stations away from where you live

It’s your decision, but wonder and emotion are always on the cards. Whether you’re heading off to another country where you’ll discover different landscapes in new surroundings or simply planning to tour a museum or a historic site. Whether you’re going to recharge your batteries, have a rest, get physical (in the sporting sense of course!), learn about another culture, spend time with friends, make precious memories with your children…
What matters is the feeling that hits you the instant your feet touch the pristine sand for the first time or your hike takes you to the dizzy heights of the cliff or your eyes feast upon that painting or your heart beats a little faster as your train pulls into its destination.

Notre vision du voyage
  • We’re off to Trou aux Biches. to go deep-sea fishing
  • We’re planning to go hell for leather down the Pas de Chavanette black run .
  • We’re going to Giverny, to admire the Impressionists’ paintings,
  • We’re off on safari in the Masai Mara
  • We’re taking Iceland’s Route 1 to the glaciers in Vatnajökull
  • We’re enjoying a leisurely tour of the amazing temples of Bagan.
  • We’re taking a trip back in time in the narrow streets of the ile Saint Louis.
  • We’re cycling around Central Park and taking a stroll around the boardwalks on Coney Island.
  • Our eyes are sparkling like diamonds before the splendours of the Topkapi Palace.
  • Shibuya. is leaving us completely speechless as we’re waiting our turn to cross.
  • Why not share some of the adventures you’ve had and the places you’ve fallen in love with.
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