Susanne Maurer

Austria > Vienna

My name is Susanne and I live in the Vienna Woods just a jump away from the austrian capital.

I have been working as a tour guide for more than 20 years in english spanish and of course german..
My focus has always been to be with my guests and try to find out what they really want. Vienna is such a beautiful city with lots of history great architecture and good food.

Other favourite places I take my guests on daytrips or overnight trips is the wonderful Danube valley with its charming vinyards and old castles as well as the lake region which has a stunning scenery in the middle of the alps. Great lakes, glaciers and charming villages.

Mother tongue : german
Languages of visits : english, spanish, german
Certified Guide   ✔
Susanne Maurer guide accompagnatrice autour du lac de Constance en Autriche