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My name is Ina and I have lived in Vienna since 1987. I am a Viennese by conviction, because I love and value this city. Wandering through a new city, soaking up the atmosphere has its own particular charm. Often, that feeling creates a desire for more, as questions arise, or something seems unusual. As Goethe said: „One only sees what one knows.“ Accurate explanations, fascinating background and tips on how to see things in a new way can bring churches, public spaces and works of art to life. Accompany me on eye-opening tours of discovery that look behind the facades and put the city and its residents, past and present, firmly into focus. Walking through Vienna feels like walking through an open-air museum. The magnificent facades of baroque palaces or soaring churches are not only impressive monuments, but also tell stories of their builders and those who lived or worshiped there. Tragic fates, lucky turns of fortune, political ambition, all continue to define the soul, the DNA, of the city.
Mother tongue: German
Languages of visits: English, German

Certified guide