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I am a guide, a driver with my own car, and just a person who can assist you on your trip to Western and Central Ukraine. Guided tour will be a completely unique experience created just for you and your group of 1-6 people. My private tours start and finish on any date you select, at any location you choose. It can be a one day tour or many days as you want. Ones you are looking for sites in Western and Central Ukraine you already have some ideas about what do you want to see or which places do you want to visit. All you need to do is to send me when and where do you want to visit Ukraine, how long do you want to stay and what type of places would you like to visit. I will build your tour on any of my existing itineraries or create one from scratch specifically for your interests: family research, history, literature, castles, churches, photography….
Mother tongue: Ukrenian
Languages of visits: English, Ukrenian, Russian
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