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Hi, this is Stephan, born in the historic Delft and grown up in the phenomenal city of Gouda. After my youth in these two beautiful towns, that you maybe know from the Delfts Blue Pottery and the Gouda Cheeses I lived in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Leiden, before moving to our capital of Amsterdam. So I lived in almost half of the cities of Holland (the richest and most famous part of the Netherlands), so you can say I am a real Dutchie :-) Several years I worked as a consultant/strategist and was advising museum and cultural institutions before I decided to change my life and to show our beautiful country to people from all over the world. I studied a lot about art, culture and history, love food from allover the world and in my free time I’m always riding my bike (a typical Dutch habit). I like that I can combine all of these passions in guiding. My focus is to guide you to the places where locals are going, to tell about our nice history and show our Dutch culture and habits. The tours I am offering our very flexible. We can start at the time and place you like. Most nice is to make a tailor made tour that exceeds your expectations. History, food, culture, boat, walk or bike. Hope to see you in Amsterdam or one of the other Dutch cities
Mother tongue: Dutch
Languages of visits: Dutch, English

Certified guide

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