Sandra Vuckovic


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Hi! I’m Sandra and I can proudly say I live in the most magical place on Earth! I came to Kotor 26 years ago with a plan to stay for only three months. But, like locals told me – “Who comes here once, never leaves”- here I am, with no intention to leave! Being a licensed tour guide gives me an opportunity to introduce the incredible beauty of this hidden jewel to people from all around the world. Montenegro offers such a rich diversity that I find myself stunned over and over again! I prefer smaller groups, as that’s the best way to feel the affinity of my guests and share with them the experience, passion about the country and information they’re interested in. I’m a positive and spontaneous person and the tours I offer are interesting, flexible and always adjusted to their desires and needs. The main goal and what makes me the most satisfied, motivated and happy is to hear that my guests feel like they have spent a fabulous day with an old friend. So, my friends, do not hesitate, do not wait! Come and see Montenegro through my eyes, but, be aware, you might stay longer than you planned to!
Mother tongue: Serbian
Languages of visits: English, Serbian
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