Sirin Suha


Tour guide in Cyprus

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Are you looking for a place that has sea, sand, cultural history, and a little bit of fun? If so, it seems like you know full well where to go for the best holidays: CYPRUS!! In 1991 I had become a professional tour guide. I have found my true calling guiding individuals and groups as a freelance guide. For the past decade, I have literally been flying like a butterfly from Kyrenia to Nicosia, from Lefka to Famagusta, guiding happy people and adding to their happiness. I can be serious with the serious, funny with the funny, old with the old, a child with the child, and fun with all. Rest assured. The biggest assurance for that is my past customers, some of which keep coming back to do the same tours again and again just because they truly enjoy them. Because they always like discovering the new and the hidden. They know that I love keeping myself constantly updated about what’s new and fun to do in Cyprus. Everyone knows that I have a great curiosity about the interesting facets of Cypriot life. Cyprus has been a bustling hub of civilizations that welcomed other cultures with open arms, just like myself, Ready to welcome you!!!
Mother tongue: Turkish
Languages of visits: : English, Turkish

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