Vladimir Haxhiraj


I’m Vladi, 48 years old, a licensed tour guide from over 10years.

My activity territory’s is all Albania.

My long experience give me the possibility to guide many kind of tours: cultural, archeological, historical, hiking, horse riding, quad riding, food tours, religious tours).

I’m living in my city Vlora( south Albania) which geographically offer every thing, from the sea activities to the mountains and many historical and archeological sites,

I had finished music school until 20 years old, after I had finished the literature university and after that the Law University.

I begin to have interest in tourism doing a course of tourism management. Every 2 years I have to rinovate my guide License taking lessons from university professors in many fields.

Mother tongue : albanian
Languages of visits : english, italian, albanian
Certified Guide   ✔

Vladimir Haxhiraj guide touristique en Albanie