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Tour guide in Azerbaijan

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Being a traveller myself, I know how to treat one. Welcome to Azerbaijan! I would like to organise affordable hiking tours to the regions of Azerbaijan from Baku for travellers. Waterfalls, lakes, green mountains and BBQ. We can travel to * Gabala (Nohur Lake, Tufandag, 7 beauty waterfalls, ancient Nic Albanian Church) * Sheki (Khan Palace, Karvansarai, Kish Village) * Lahich (Swinging Bridge, ancient architecture) * Talish Mountains (tea plantations, citrus gardens) * Oğuz (Khal Khal waterfall) I will organise * Transportation * Private housing for the group * Guiding, helping with translation * Spicy wing BBQ with vegetables Let’s discover Azerbaijan together!
Mother tongue: Azeri
Languages of visits: English, Turkish, Russian, Azeri

Informal guide