Nurlan Abbasov


I have over 4 years experience.
I took up this work as a career because I feel that one should work in a capacity where one enjoys work.
And the fact that I love and enjoy my work immensely can be shown in the way I lead tours.

Specifically, I am well-versed in leading groups on sightseeing tours, providing them with information on historical and cultural significances of different areas within the city, and in its outskirts.

Since I believe that a well-organized tour is a successful one, I make sure that all areas such as timelines and safety measures are well taken care of.

My enthusiasm and communication skills have allowed me to act confidently as a tour guide, developing strong relationships with both clients and local communities.
• Takes charge of meeting clients at the airport, train station, or bus terminal
• Ensures that tourists and travelers are comfortably settled in their hotels or resorts.
• Explains the itinerary and schedule of the travel
• Scheduling visits and purchasing tickets to museums, galleries, protected parks, and other attractions ahead of time, if required
• Provides significant information about each destination or attraction visited with emphasis on its cultural and historical meaning
• Developed program itineraries depending on the needs of clients
• Monitored weather conditions and provide such information to other team members
• Handles emergency situations; manage sudden changes or modifications to the tour

Mother tongue : azerbaijani
Languages of visits : english, azerbaijani
Certified Guide   ✔

+994 503661634

Nurlan Abbasov guide accompagnateur de voyage en Azerbaïdjan