Orkhan Huseynov


In my opinion, the guide doesn’t have to burden guests with accurate historical information about each property as they can read this information in books for themselves.

The tours should become more lively, foreign visitors should communicate more with locals, get to know their traditions and, if possible, listen to their family stories.

It is time to get away from the usual tour guidance and to break new ground.

When foreign tourists visit Azerbaijan for a short time, they should experience the life of the country just like the locals.
If you want to hear what’s not in the books, come with me. Azerbaijan is much more interesting with me!

Certificates and diplomas:
• World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA HOT training)
• State-licensed travel guide in Azerbaijan

Mother tongue : azerbaijani
Languages of visits : english, german, russian, azerbaijani
Certified Guide   ✔
Orkhan Huseynov guide accompagnateur de voyage en Azerbaïdjan