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“What surprised me the most when I entered Venice was a feeling of lightness that took hold of my whole being, this exaltation of the senses, this sudden joy of living and of loving …” This quote from Maxime Fermine deeply reflects the emotions that led me to leave my Savoy in 1996 and live for 17 years in the sestier of Castello where my son spent his childhood. Tourist guide, accompanist and excursionist naturalist guide, I propose to share my passion for the history with you, following beautiful themed itineraries, while sharing with you my unique and personal experiences. A fundamental stopover is the Ducal Palace, then Saint Mark’s Basilica… How about a visit to a craftsman, a meeting with the inhabitant, or quite simply, a cappuccino break on the Grand Canal?
Mother tongue: French
Languages of visits: Italian, French

Certified guide