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Hello!!! Come with me and explore the best that Venice and the Veneto region has to offer. From the most well known sites, squares and islands to the little-known regional wonders, I will ensure you experience it all and gain the most from your visit. My family can trace it’s history back over 500 years in Venice. Take a walk with me into the past – my past – as I tell you stories that have been handed down from generations in my family about the most famous and not-so-famous personalities of Venice. We can enjoy leisurely walks through Venice, discover hidden gardens and alleys, boutique shops and local sites that will make your tour to this beautiful part of Italy a truly memorable one. I am available on very short notice and may well be available even if you arrive in Venice without pre-arranged plans! So, Please check my calendar. If it says I am free than I would be delighted to take you on a tour of a lifetime. Simply send me a message for a prompt reply.
Mother tongue: Italian
Languages of visits: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Certified guide