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My name is Arianna and I am a tourist guide in Venice and surroundings! Yes, as I like to say, there is a lot to see also beyond Venice.

I am passionate about this profession, which was my dream job since the time of high school in Venice. I’d love to take you around Venice, showing you the different aspects the city has to offer: history, culture, art, nature (yes, nature is all around Venice embodied by its natural lagoon!) and even food!

Venice is the perfect city where to get lost with no real destination, because everywhere you end up walking turns into a surprise for your eyes!

And if you ever feel overwhelmed and want to explore what’s very close to Venice I have the destination for you! We can go visiting the beautiful “Riviera del Brenta” which was once the main watery street connecting Venice with its mainland: here you’ll find some of the most beautiful Venetian Villas, such as the 16th century Villa Foscari by Palladio or the grandiose Villa Pisani in Stra.

Contact me to find out more, I am waiting for you in Venice.

Mother tongue : italian
Languages of visits : english, german, italian
Certified Guide   ✔

Arianna Lovato guide accompagnatrice de voyage à Venise