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The region of Puglia is in the Italian boot, in the extreme southern part of the country. It offers very varied landscapes. You can visit the fishing villages perched on the cliffs or take long walks or bike rides along the Adriatic. From Torre dell Orso and on the road between Lecce and Otranto, you will discover beaches of fine sand or pebbles. You can then relax in crystal clear waters after a day of tiring walks. Then go to the Itria Valley to explore the village of Alberobello with its trulli, small whitewashed stone houses with conical roofs.
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Five ideas for guided tours in Puglia


  • The Gargano Natural Park

    The Gargano National Park is located in the area with the same name in the north of Puglia. It is the largest natural park in Italy. It forms a peninsula that juts out into the Adriatic Sea. You will be enchanted by the multitude of different landscapes that the park offers. A small mountainous massif, thick pine and olive forests, the foresta Umbra, a coast with dizzying white cliffs, dozens of caves, well hidden beaches, the archipelago of the Premiti Islands, charming hamlets such as the small port of Vieste or the hanging village of Monte Sant’Angelo, you will have a wide range of choices.

  • Polignano a Mare

    Polignano in Mare is located very close to Barri. The town is perched on top of the limestone cliffs that flow into the blue waters of the Adriatic. Polignano à Mare is a treasure in the Itria Valley. You will find small streets that get lost like a labyrinth. Follow them to reach the three watchtowers that allow you to observe the fantastic panorama of the coastline. On either side of the beautiful white pebble beach of Cala Porto, you can see cliffs from which reckless divers jump.

  • Alberobello and trulli

    During your trip to Puglia, don’t miss the village of Alberobello. Its 1500 trulli, the small whitewashed stone houses with conical roofs, are worth a visit. Most of them are nowadays home to shops, cafés or restaurants. To better understand the history of these houses, visit the Territory Museum . It presents a complex of 15 trulli which illustrate the way of life of the inhabitants of the time. To know the other face of Alberobello, do not hesitate to visit the district of Aia Piccola, the most authentic place in the city with inhabited trulli.

  • Castellana Caves

    After your visit to the Alberobello village, explore the castellana caves discovered in 1938. Over a length of three kilometers and at a depth of 70 meters, the caves follow the path of an ancient river. The stalactites and stalagmites form an exceptional natural work of art with varied colors. The journey takes 2 hours. It is very easy to negotiate even for children. The end of the visit will take you to the White Cave, a real jewel where the crystals are sparkling.

  • Torre dell Orso

    The beautiful village of Torre dell Orso is located east of Puglia. It is located in the Salento Peninsula, between Lecce and Otranto. Stroll in the turquoise water along the sandy beach. At the very end you can observe the Faraglioni, two identical rocks that appear on many postcards. The environment of Torre dell Orso is sumptuous with a preserved nature and a fascinating historical heritage.

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