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Hi! First welcome to my page. I am Shamsov Said. I was born in Zerafshan valley, in Panjakent city where there situated a large part of important touristic areas of our Paradise, Tajikistan, like Fann mountains, Yagnob valley, Seven lakes, Lakes Loop, Chimtarga peak, Ancient Panjakent and Sarazm, Iskanderkul, Rudaki Tomb, Artuch Camp and thousands of other places. Because of my father’s tour company I started working in tourism very early. Currently I am managing our business. I can speak my native language Tajik certainly, English, Russian and Persian languages. After travelling so much with foreign visitors, in my heart was created love to this job. Greeting with foreign visitors and getting more and more information about different cultures and traditions, forced me to engage in this speciality. During working in tourism I have obtained great experience to arrange trips and treks personally all over Tajikistan, a large part of Uzbekistan and a lot of others important parts of touristic areas . I am a young person but the importance is my experience and my new modern point for tourism development and travelers enjoyment.
Mother tongue: Tajik
Languages of visits: English, French, Tajik, Russian, Persia, Arabic

Certified guide