Oriz Dildorbek


Tour guide in Tajikistan

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My name is Oriz & I’m from Tajikistan (Pamir). I have been involved in tourism industry since 2007. The fact that I was born in Pamir region, (famous for the high Mountains) hiking and trekking was always interesting for me so began my career as a Tour Guide. When I began guiding in 2007 and exploring different activities all over the country, helped me to find out about Tourism in my homeland which is full of mountains. This was for me, a new way to provide learning experiences, memories and stories to others who come to see all that I had grown with. Due to influences of tourists travelling in my region, I made my strong passion for showing the natural beauty of Tajikistan to the travelers world-wide. I am really enjoying my work a lot and feel great while travelling with people from different Coutries. Honestly, I am enthusiastic, energetic, and open-minded and can make an enjoyment to the different types of people travelling with me. I am very proud of my job. Whenever i am guiding, I put all my heart and soul and always thinking of how to make my clients happy. I try to give them as much information as possible and assist them in every way I can. I am a very service minded and out going person.
Mother tongue: Pamiri
Languages of visits: English, Russian, Persia, German

Certified guide