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Hello everyone! I’m Raphael, a history and architecture enthusiast, and I invite you to discover Paris and the Ile-de-France region through my unique guided tours. If you are eager to learn and explore the historical and architectural wonders of this emblematic region, you are at the right place! Discover Paris and Ile-de-France with me: As a tour guide specializing in history and architecture, I am delighted to take you on an exciting journey through time. Together, we will explore the cobblestone streets of Paris and the picturesque surroundings, discovering the historical treasures and magnificent buildings that have shaped this region for centuries. A captivating immersion in history: During my tours, I will guide you through the eras, revealing the secrets of the history of Paris and the Île-de-France region. From Roman remains to medieval monuments, from sumptuous Renaissance palaces to 19th century architectural marvels, we will dive into the fascinating stories of this region rich in historical events.
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Languages of visits: : English, French