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Ladies & Gentlemen, First of all, please call me by my first name ‘Tom’. Being a native Bangkokian, I was born, has grown up and worked in longer than 30 years. Bangkok has a lot of great things to offer with deeply historical, culturally diverse, exotic, mysterious and absolutely amazing. No matter what kind of tourists you are, people watching lovers, history/culture learners, shopping paradise, gourmet tasty foods… you name it, Bangkok is for sure the right spot for you to land and enjoy it. You’ll amaze with this marvelous city, then I’m pleased to show you around, sharing its background story not only its well-known attractions but also off the beaten paths and hidden gems. Whether you’re a solo traveler or in a group, let me create an unforgettable experience. I’ll try every ways possible to let you want to come back. Drop me your words in need and I’ll generate a tailor-made tour and travel according to your own interests and suitable conditions. Thanks a lot and see you soon,
Mother tongue: Thai
Languages of visits: English, Thai, Chinese

Certified guide