Waqas Ahmed


My name is Waqas Ahmed and I am very Energetic and professional with many years of experience with foreign tourists from different countries.

Extensive Knowledge of History, Arts, Culture, Languages, and Locations of all of Pakistan’s beautiful areas.
Focused guide, successful at multitasking, fulfilling needs, and friendly services to all the guests.

With my experience, I can show you around any city of PAKISTAN and northern areas. I have a vast knowledge of all the local languages, accommodations, and Booking information.

I have been a tour guide for many years and it was always my passion to travel when passion becomes a profession it’s the most amazing thing.
I have vast experience in showing guests from different countries around Pakistan including history, Culture, nature, trekking, Local food, Local bazaars, and sightseeing tours.

I am available all days depending on if I have any other bookings all the guests are welcome to contact me any time for confirmation.

Mother tongue : urdu
Languages of visits : english, pashto, urdu, punjabi
Certified Guide   ✔

Waqas Ahmed guide accompagnateur de voyage au Pakistan