Radouane Isouktan


Hi everyone My name is Radouane I’m a local Berber man’ I born in high atlas mountains’
_I come exactly from Imlil valley wishes called the door of Toubkal
and I am very excited and happy to be your host on this unforgettable Moroccan tour.
_ My goal is to share my culture with you, and all my local knowledge about the history, Nature, and fauna of my region, and while having some fun.
_ I am very compassionate about my village and have been involved in several community projects which makes me a superb guide and trek organizer.
_ I hope to continue to offer travelers an exceptional experience in the mountains and valleys of Morocco.

Mother tongue : tamazight
Languages of visits : english, french, arabic

Radouane Isouktan guide accompagnateur de voyage au Maroc