Omar Achahri


Qualified as a national Tour Guide by Moroccan tourism ministry since 2011.

I am glad to offer my professional services to anyone wishing to discover my home country.
I pride myself on the quality of the services and my principled approach to sustainable tourism.
I listen carefully to your needs and I’m always happy to tailor a trip to your age, ability, experience, desires and interests.
I know the country like the back of my hand .
My service ethic marks me out as someone you can rely on to provide you with a wonderful holiday.
I am attentive to your needs and take a pride in my work.

During your visit, I also take care to ensure my drivers and cars are safe and that you are not exposed to any unnecessary risks.

Mother tongue : berber amazigh
Languages of visits : english, french, arabic, berber amazigh
Certified Guide   ✔

Omar Achahri guide accompagnateur de voyage au Maroc