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French in Japan since 2013, based between Kyoto and Osaka, I’m a guide and photographer passionate about my work. With good humor and dynamism, I strive every day to convey what makes this country such a special place, which has become my second home. As a guide, I have accompanied thousands of travellers of all profiles and backgrounds, both on my own and with reputable travel agencies. My years of local living and exploration mean that I always have something to tell! Beyond clichés, I want to present Japan in an objective, realistic way, and help you decipher this fascinating culture. The idea is not to recite a text, but to exchange with you on a variety of subjects, according to the places and conversations! As a photographer, I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades! My work has focused on the changing seasons, between cherry and maple trees, temples and gardens, and presenting their intrinsic beauty. But I’ve also done a lot of reportage (artisans, festivals…), portraits, urban landscapes, architecture, street, etc… My photos have been published in books and magazines about Japan, and I’ve also worked with organizations such as tourist offices, temples, etc… With me, it’s all about visiting Japan as if you were with an acquaintance, in a spontaneous and relaxed way, with original, adapted and photogenic itineraries! It’s up to you to discover the must-see sites and get starry-eyed, or get off the beaten track for a calmer, more “authentic” approach! Specialized in Kyoto and Osaka, it’s also possible to go further afield, depending on needs and availability! Just contact me!
Mother tongue: French
Languages of visits: English, French

Informal guide