Daniel Bishara Sahwani


My name is Daniel Bishara Sahwany from Jerusalem, I am a 49 years old Arab Israeli Christian Tour Guide.

I have 10 years of extensive guiding experience and am fully certified to guide both within Israel and also within the Palestinian Authority.

My family is originally from Nazareth, but I was born and raised in the holy city of jerusalem. I am married with four children and still live in Jerusalem / Pizgat Zeev.

My tours are very special, luxurious and comfortable ,
I can take you wherever you need to go including Bethlehem, Jericho, Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah, as well as (of course) all of Israel.

Tours in the West Bank, specifically Ramallah, Nablus and Bethlehem will get you exposed to the extraordinary life and culture of the Palestinians. This might include the crazy night life, smoking the water pipe (shisha, houka) as well as the best Middle Eastern food and desserts in the best restaurants in the area.

Arabic is my mother tongue and I speak Hebrew and English fluently.
My mission is to spread the words of my lord Jesus Christ and the words of the bible to as many people as I can.

My favorite tours are the ones in the old city of Jerusalem, walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, the Jewish Prophets and Disciples.
I so much enjoy my work to the extent that each group becomes a close family of mine.

Interview Tour Guide in Israel

Mother tongue : arabic, hebrew
Languages of visits : english, hebrew, arabic
Certified Guide   ✔

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