Pok Saroon


Chum Reap Sour(Hello),

I’m Pok Saroon. I am a licensed tour guide in Siem Reap region.
I have been leading the tour many years ago.
My passion is to share my culture, history, and Cambodia traditions to all kinds of tourists around the world.

My Siem Reap has plenty of Sights, Things to do, and Activities.

If you would like to have the tour here, please deal with me.
i can arrange the unique experiences where are the best sightseeings with the local expert.
I’m ready here to show you the fabulous Angkor site and other attractive sites in Siem Reap

Mother tongue : Cambodian ( khmer )
Work languages : English, cambodian ( khmer )
Certified Guide *

Pok Saroon guide accompagnatrice de voyage au Cambodge